This week we put a new university in the spotlight: Elizabethtown College. Elizabethtown College is a small-scale Christian, private University in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. While there are currently no Slamstox student-athletes active at this university, this place is well worth a closer look.


Elizabethtown College is, of course, located in Elizabethtown. The University is located on the edge of a relatively small city, with a view on the beautiful nature. The metropolitan are Philadelphia is just over an hour and a half away. Within half an hour you are already in Lancaster, another city where you can also enjoy yourself for hours.

A large part of the students live on the campus of this University. We understand why, check out the video below to get an impression of this campus.

Elizabethtown College was founded in 1899 by members of the Church of Brethren in response to the initiative of Jacob G. Francis. This makes the University one of many universities founded by members of a church in the 19th century. Fun fact, the University owes its location and early popularity to the presence of the railways in the immediate vicinity.


Elizabethtown College is active in the NCAA Division III in the Landmark Conference. The school offers no fewer than 22 sports; eleven for boys and eleven for girls. This includes popular sports as soccer, tennis, field hockey and track & field, but also sports that are played less often, such as softball, lacrosse and wrestling. Other popular college sports such as Baseball and American football cannot be found at Elizabethtown College.

Track & Field facilities Elizabeth College
Blue Jay – Mascotte Elizabeth College

The mascot of Elizabethtown College is Blue Jays. A blue and white bird that symbolizes all sports teams of the University. The mascot was created in the middle of the last century by a group of students. The Blue Jay stands for a real fighting spirit, something that the sports teams should also deliver every match.

The University’s women’s basketball team is one of the most successful teams, becoming the first team in Division III to take its 1,000th win. Page Lutz is still the best basketball star the University has ever known, her points record of 1,757 still stands!

In addition, in 2015, the university hosted the NCAA Division III Wrestling Championship.

One of the most popular stadiums on campus is the Thompson Gymnasium. The basketball teams, volleyball teams and the wrestling team are located here. The stadium was opened in 1970 and has a capacity of 1,000 spectators. In addition to the main field, the stadium also has a gym and training room for student athletes.


As mentioned, Elizabethtown College is a small-scale, private university, which means that ‘only’ about 1,500 students study at the university. The university offers about 50 major programs. Below are the most popular majors:

  • Business
  • Health Professions
  • Biology
  • Information Science
  • Engineering
Elizabethtown College Leffler Chapel

92% of all freshmen live on campus. It is therefore not surprising that the majority of students describe the University as small and very beautiful. In addition, many describe the University as socially and called the atmosphere as positive.

Hopefully you have now gotten to know Elizabethtown College a little better. Do you also want to become a student athlete? And maybe even walk around here someday? Then quickly contact us!