This week we have another college in our spotlight: Hillsborough Community College also known as HCC. This beautiful public community college is located in the state of Florida, Tampa. They are known for their beautiful campus where swimming pools and palm trees are not to be missed. At this university they have the following sports teams: basketball, baseball, softball, tennis and volleyball. Our slamstox athlete Esmee Andresen has been competing for the tennis team since 2021 and may call herself one of the Hawks. At the NJCAA national championships, Esmee was the only one to win the doubles as well as the singles! GO HAWKS!

Esmee Andresen – HCC


Hillsborough’s campus is full of palm trees and the swimming pool is not to be missed. Students living on campus are housed in one of the apartment complexes as shown in the photo below. A swimming pool, barbeque, pool table, beach volleyball court, fitness center you name it, HCC has it!

HCC is located on the east coast of Florida, also called the “sunshine state”. Within no time you are in the city of Tampa where there are not only tall buildings and lots of stores but also wonderful tropical beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches in America is a 30-minute drive away from the campus. This is all easily accessible by train, subway and bus from the HCC campus. For convenience, students often have a bicycle to get around easily on the shorter distances. Check out the link to see more about the Hillsborough Community College apartments!

Housing – Hillsborough Community College Campus


Hillsborough Community College offers several sports: basketball for both men and women, baseball, softball, tennis and volleyball. With these sports they are active in the NJCAA Division I, which is a national junior college league where 525 schools are active. Because Hillsborough only offers a limited number of sports, the focus is more on the sports they do offer. This is well reflected in tennis, as they have 28(!) tennis courts.

Mascotte HCC

HCC’s tennis courts are not only the home of the Hawks but also for a number of pros. Among others, Ash Barty (former world ranking number 1). 

HCC’s sports teams are also known as the Hillsborough Hawks. As such, the mascot is a hawk. The school’s colors are Blue, white and gold and the athletes can therefore be recognized by their white/blue uniforms.


Hillsborough Community College, the name says it all, is a community college. That’s a two-year program, after which you could move on to universities. Hillsborough is known for the creative opportunities offered. At the creative center, students can engage in art, design, photography, fashion, music and more. Not only do they excel in creative fields but also in other areas of study. Below is a list of the most popular majors:

  • Liberal arts and humanities
  • Emergency medical technician
  • Business
  • Nursing
  • Criminal justice and law enforcement

Hillsborough currently has about 20,000 students including both American students and international students. You will have to deal with a lot of new nationalities when you come to study here. The international students are mainly found on Hillsborough’s various sports teams. From a study; the students really like the attention they get from the teachers and the atmosphere.

HCC Campus

Hopefully now you’ve gotten to know Hillsborough Community College a little better. Do you also want to become a student-athlete like Esmee? And maybe someday walk around this place, too? Or at one of the many other American colleges? Contact us!