This month in our University spotlight, we are going take a look at The University of Arizona. A public school with very successful sports teams. Also very interesting for student-athletes because there are very nice facilities and a lot of experience.

Arizona is a public university with a great campus and sports teams. Its sports teams mainly compete in the Pac-12 conference in the NCAA Division I. This school has over 45,000 students and nearly 500 student-athletes. Therefore, this is an absolutely elite school for student-athletes with numerous different sports. Also one of our Slamstox athletes Puk Stubbe plays for this university, read on quickly to see what Arizona has to offer and later more about Puk!

Arizona Stadium – University of Arizona


The University of Arizona is located in Tucson, in the state of Arizona. The city is almost right up against the Mexican border, so the weather is nice all year round. There is certainly plenty to do in Tucson and the surrounding area for student-athletes, including super cool Mexican-style bars and restaurants and several parks like Sabino Canyon in the area.

Sabino Canyon – Arizona

Arizona’s campus is particularly large with as many as 179 buildings including a very nice boulevard. One of the highlights for students is the student recreation center. They have two huge recreation centers, one of which has several swimming pools where you can enjoy the nice weather. The other center is primarily focused on fitness, indoor sports and other athletic activities.

Recreational center – University of Arizona


Arizona has 19 sports teams that all play in NCAA Division 1 and compete primarily in the Pac-12 Conference along with Colorado, UCLA, USC and Utah, and others. The sports teams are divided into 8 men’s teams and 11 women’s teams. Among them are Swimming & Diving, Gymnastics and Volleyball. The name “Wildcats,” the nickname of this university’s sports teams, comes from a 1914 American Football game in which the battle was labeled a battle of “Wildcats”.

Sport Campus – University of Arizona

Another fun fact about the Wildcats is that they are also known for their heated rivalry with the Sun Devils of Arizona State University. As such, this rivalry is known to many as one of the most bitter ones in the country! They play against each other in a special head to head competition called the State Farm Territorial Cup Series in which 18 teams play against each other. The battle is also known as “The Duel of the Desert.

Battle of the Desert 2016 – Tucson Arizona
Wilbur & Wilma – Arizona State

Arizona’s mascots are two Wilcats named Wilbur and Wilma, who can be found at almost every game of the sports teams. A fun tradition is that every year after the last basketball game, the identity of the two Wildcats is revealed. A fun tradition with two unique mascots!

In 2021, one of our own Slamstox volleyball players left for this university. Puk Stubbe already had the necessary international experience when she decided to embark on the America adventure. In her first season, she was awarded Freshman of the Week twice and made it to the Freshman team of the year in the PAC-12 Conference.

Puk Stubbe – Arizona Volleyball 2021


The University of Arizona is a highly ranked public university with nearly 30,000 undergraduate students and nearly 15,000 graduate students. By the way, did you know that this university is ranked number 40 out of 1,356 universities when it comes to universities in Athletics? So for a student-athlete, this is a very interesting school!

At Arizona, you can major in many directions. The most popular major is psychology, but in addition, the following four majors are also very popular:

  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Psychiology and Pathology
  • Communications
  • Economics
University of Arizona Main Library

Hopefully now you have learned a little more about the University of Arizona, besides this beautiful university there are of course many other wonderful schools. Want to know more about the different universities or about combining studying and playing sports in America? Then feel free contact us so we can see what is possible!