This weekend, the 43rd edition of the Ryder Cup took place. And this year, it was something else! At the tournament from 24 to 26 September, a spectacular record victory of 19-9 took place. This was the biggest margin of victory since 1967. But which team but these bizarre numbers on the board. Keep reading to find out!

Before we announce the winner, we will tell you a bit more about the tournament. The non-golfers among us probably don’t know that this is about golf. To them, it could have been a horse back riding contest or something. So, the Ryder Cup is a golf tournament, where team USA and team Europe compete against each other. The tournament is hosted biennially and the location alternates between the United States and a course in Europe.  This year the American team played a home game at Whistling Straits in Sheboygan Wisconsin. As you can see in the picture below, the location is quite spectacular!

Whistling Straits golf course – Wisconsin USA

There has not always been a team USA and a Team Europe, in the tournament’s past. Until 1971 the European team was called Team Great Britain. After that, they were Team Great Britain & Ireland for a while. In 1979, Team Europe was created and the nationalities became much more diverse. Suddenly, the American team had a lot more resistance from the other team. Since then, the European team is in the lead with 11 victories, against team USA’s 9 wins. A very thrilling competition, right?! Will Europe keep the lead or is team USA working on a comeback?

Okay, we will not leave you hanging: The winner of the Ryder Cup 2021 is… Team USA! With the youngest team in cup history and a bizarre victory of 19-9, the American team has shown how incredibly good they are. America has a young and strong group of golfers, so we have something to look forward to in the following years. Do you want more information on the 2021 tournament? This article put all highlights together for you!

Winners Ryder Cup 2021 – Team USA

But there was one thing that stood out most to our Slamstox team: the student-athlete background of the talented American team! From the 12 players in the team, 11 golfers started their career as a student-athlete at an American university. There also were 3 players on the European team, that partially owe their pro-career to their college golf training. The list below shows you alle names and universities that trained these legends!

By these statistics, you can say that a background as a student-athlete can take you very far. Many golf pros attended the universities you can see in the list above. The universities that trained the best players of the PGA (professional golf tour), are listed right here

Although the Europeans have the world’s number 1, the American team can call themselves the star squad. In their they, they have 8 players who are in the top 10 of the World Rankings. So there you have it, you can achieve much more as a team than with one star player. The American team spirit is that famous for a reason!

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