When you go to America as a student-athlete, you want to choose a university that is well-regarded both academically and athletically. During your time in America, you will strive to bring out the best in yourself, and universities are keen to support you in that endeavor. There is significant investment in the world of college sports to achieve the best results as a university.

So, what are the best college sports programs in America? This is determined by how well all the sports teams at the universities perform and how consistently they achieve results. Are you already curious? It’s high time to list that top 10!

10- Duke University – Durham, North Carolina

The Blue Devils have predominantly excelled in basketball over the years. The men’s team has amassed an impressive 19 tournament trophies, reaching the Nationals final 11 times and winning it 5 times! Besides basketball, the Duke golf team also deserves mention. With 7 NCAA championships, they contribute to Duke’s presence in the top 10. Currently, several Slamstox athletes, such as Josephine Veen who plays hockey for Duke, are experiencing this program up close!

Josephine Veen – Duke University

9- University of Alabama- Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The American football program at the University of Alabama deserves significant praise. They have produced 401 (!) players for the NFL, the highest level of football competition in the world. Furthermore, they have consistently led in sending the most players to the NFL for 7 consecutive years among all schools in America! The Alabama Crimson Tide student-athletes also excel in other sports. They have become NCAA champions an impressive 28 times. Additionally, the Crimson Tide boasts more than 100 conference titles and over a hundred individual collegiate champions! Quite remarkable, isn’t it? If you want to know more about the athletics program at the University of Alabama, click here.

Alabama Crimson Tide- University of Alabama

8- University of Oklahoma – Norman, Oklahoma

One of the universities that has recently performed exceptionally well is Oklahoma. The teams of the Oklahoma Sooners alone secured four national titles in 2017, including golf, gymnastics, and softball. Thanks in part to the success of the football team, other sports received a larger budget for their development. The Oklahoma Sooners football team has held the record for the most victories since 1946 compared to all other universities in America. This success has so far led to an impressive 43 national championships!

Gymnastics Champions – University of Oklahoma

7- University of Arizona – Tucson Arizona

The most successful team at the University of Arizona is the softball team. In the past 30 years, they have won the national title 8 times (!). It’s safe to say they have one of the best softball programs in America. The Arizona Wildcats can also take pride in their baseball and basketball teams, which have consistently achieved excellent results for many years. They have produced numerous players who have gone on to become professionals. Seventy-four basketball players have been drafted into the NBA, and over 100 baseball players have played in the MLB. Our Slamstox volleyball player Puk Stubbe was named Slamstox Student-Athlete of the Year for her fantastic performances with the Wildcats!

Puk Stubbe – Arizona Wildcats

6- University of Oregon- Eugene, Oregon

We have now arrived at number six on the list. For one of the best track and field programs, we quickly turn to the University of Oregon. The indoor, outdoor, and cross-country teams have collectively secured 34 NCAA titles. The nickname “Track Town, USA” is well-deserved! The University of Oregon has produced numerous Olympic athletes, winning a total of 13 gold, 12 silver, and 7 bronze medals. For these outstanding athletes, they have an amazing track and field stadium, which you can see below. Our own Slamstox student-athlete, Rafael Raap, is currently studying at the University of Oregon and has the privilege of representing the Oregon Ducks in this stadium. How cool is that!?

Athletics complex – University of Oregon

5- The University of North Carolina at Chapel hill – Chapel hill, North Carolina

When you mention the University of North Carolina, you think of Michael Jordan, the legend of the university. The basketball program at the University of North Carolina was, and still is, one of the best in the country with 6 national titles. The “North Carolina Tar Heels” have also consistently had a very strong women’s soccer team, boasting 21 national titles. In the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, 7 players from the North Carolina women’s team participated, including 5 American players who brought home the world title. What an achievement!

NCAA Womens Soccer Champions – University of North Carolina

Another program at the University of North Carolina that deserves recognition is the field hockey program. The UNC field hockey team has been the team to beat in recent years. They have been the back-to-back conference champions for the past 7 years and have secured 5 national titles in the last 6 years.

4- University of Connecticut – Storrs, Connecticut  

Whatwe haven’t talked about yet is women’s basketball, and for that, we’re in the right place at the University of Connecticut. In the past 25 years, the women basketball players have claimed 11 NCAA titles. Additionally, they’ve made it to the final four an impressive 22 times. But it’s not just the women deserving recognition; the men’s basketball team also holds its own with 5 national titles, one of which was won this year. In 2014, both the men and women became champions, earning them a visit to the White House! They are truly exceptional. In UConn’s history, 42 Huskies have gone on to play in the NBA. The field hockey team is also one of the stars at UConn Huskies. With 5 national titles and participating in 15 final four games, they stand out as one of the top college field hockey programs in the U.S. GO CHAMPS!

Ucon basketball – White house

3- University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – Los Angeles, California

The University of California is rightfully in our top 3. Why? UCLA boasts an impressive 121 NCAA championships! In this regard, they are the second-best in America, behind Stanford University. UCLA’s success doesn’t stem from just one or two sports; these titles have been accumulated across the entire student-athlete program. The UCLA Bruins have also produced numerous Olympic athletes, amassing a total of 126 gold, 65 silver, and 60 bronze medals. Click here to see more of all UCLA Bruins athletes on Instagram!

Olympic champion Maddie Musselman – University of California, Los Angeles

2- Stanford University – Stanford, California

Stanford University also relies on collective success. With 134 national titles, the most in America, you can’t achieve that with just one team. The tennis teams of the Stanford Cardinal have significantly contributed to this result. The men’s and women’s tennis players have gathered 37 titles, making them undoubtedly one of the best tennis programs in the U.S. The athletic success of a university is sometimes acknowledged with other awards. The ‘NACDA Directors’ Cup’ is a prize given to the university with the most success in collegiate athletics. And guess what? Stanford University has won it 23 times in a row! What?! Yes, that probably speaks for itself. A well-deserved second place.

Stanford women’s tennis national championship

1- University of Florida- Gainesville, Florida

There can only be one at the top, and in this lineup, it’s the University of Florida. The Florida Gators may not have as many national titles as Stanford and UCLA, but they have achieved the most remarkable successes. The University of Florida has been in the top 10 All-Sport ranking for the past 39 years, and they have won the conference title a staggering 261 times. No other university has achieved these results, making the University of Florida stand head and shoulders above the rest. They achieve phenomenal success in individual championships, with the most notable being the swimming and diving teams. They have secured an extraordinary total of 169 titles for the University of Florida. It’s easy to understand why our Slamstox student-athlete Bente Spee willingly transformed into a Florida Gator! She aimed for the highest, and where better to achieve that than at the university that ranks number 1 in the best college sports programs.

The Florida Gator’s swimming pool

Om je sport en studie te combineren is Amerika de place to be. Lijkt het jou nou ook zo vet om een National Champion te worden in Amerika? Wij helpen je graag om het beste in jezelf naar boven te halen!