“There is no place like Nebraska.” A sentence that perfectly matched this past Wednesday. The University of Nebraska set a remarkable world record, as the university achieved the largest number of spectators at a female sports event ever. A staggering 92,003 attendees came to watch the volleyball team’s match against Omaha.

The previous record stood at 91,648 attendees, set during a Women’s Champions League match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Normally, Memorial Stadium has a capacity of around 85,000. However, due to the availability of both standing and seating arrangements on the field, a significantly larger number of people could be accommodated. In order to bring as many people as possible to the stadium, all students in the U.S. state were given a day off from school. All of this was aimed at achieving the highest possible attendance figure.

The match began with the National Anthem, during which the coach of Nebraska, John Cook, entered the stadium through the player tunnel alongside his players. This marked a longstanding tradition of the university’s American football team. The chant “Go big red” echoed throughout the stadium. The match eventually concluded in an easy victory for Nebraska.

“We took a chance by playing in Memorial Stadium, and to go for the record and break it. I don’t think anybody could have envisioned that when this whole thing started,” said coach John Cook. “It feels like a great accomplishment for this sport called volleyball played by women. It’s a state treasure. We proved it.”

Nowadays, women’s volleyball has even surpassed basketball as the number one team sport for girls in American high schools, and the growth of volleyball continues on college campuses. Do you want to play volleyball in America too? Feel free to contact us without any obligations. We’re here to assist you in exploring your options.