Living the dream! Slamstox tennis player Lucas Marinelli is leaving for University of San Francisco tomorrow to study and play tennis for the San Francisco Dons!

Besides being good at tennis, Lucas also knows a thing or two about chemistry. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Leiden University and has conducted several studies there. For Lucas it was time for another adventure.

Together with Pedro Mol from Slamstox, Lucas went looking for an American university that suited him. Preferably in a good (warm) location, a high level of chemistry (master) and a tennis program where he can continue to grow as a player. After considering several offers, the choice ultimately fell clearly on San Francisco with tennis coach Pablo Pires de Almeida.

When they asked Lucas what exactly he had done in research, his answer was: “I’m doing research in the group of MCBIM (Metals in Catalysis, Biomimetics & Inorganic Materials) where I am working on platinum and palladium based complexes with tetradentate ligands “…. We dropped out here for a while, but luckily the Program Director was impressed and Lucas was able to participate in the program even after the deadline.

The University of San Francisco annually selects 2 students to follow the ambitious Master’s Program in Chemistry at the university, and this year Lucas is one of them!

Lucas, we loved working with you and are convinced that you will have a fantastic and educational time in the States. We will certainly continue to follow you with great interest and look forward to our next game of tennis in the summer! Have fun and enjoy life as a student athlete! Go Dons!