There are an incredible number of study programs that student-athletes can choose from in America. The most popular programs are business, psychology, physiotherapy, and communication. But did you know that Methodist University in North Carolina offers a very unique program? They offer the study of Professional Tennis Management, which you can combine with almost any major at the school. In this blog, we will focus on this program, which you can naturally combine very well with college tennis.

Which tennis player wouldn’t want to spend the whole day focused on tennis? At Methodist University, you can do just that. The Professional Tennis Management program is available to every student at this university. The goal of the program is to enable students interested in pursuing a career in the tennis world to earn a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in a business-related field.

The program aims to prepare students to enter the tennis world and promote the sport to new generations. There are many career paths you can take with this degree. You can become a coach, referee, or club director, or perhaps even a tournament director after completing your studies.

Students are required to complete the USTA Level 1 Sports Science Competency Exam. The USTA is the American Tennis Federation. During the program, students must obtain a USPTA certification, which is the professional branch within the USTA. During and after your studies, you will also receive excellent assistance in finding an internship and a full-time job. An internship lasts ten weeks and can earn you up to $25,000(!). This way, you can quickly earn back your college tuition.

Course list

But what exactly will you be doing during this program? You will take various courses throughout your studies, including mandatory core courses such as Introduction to Professional Tennis Management, Racket Repair, and Tennis Techniques. You will also need to complete several internships and take at least two elective courses. The electives you can choose from include: Tennis Facility Management, Sports Science in Tennis, Advanced Teaching Methods, Club Management & Operations, and the PTM Capstone Course. To graduate successfully, you will also need to demonstrate certain skills, including video analysis and statistical analysis.

College tennis

A program like Professional Tennis Management naturally includes the opportunity to play tennis for the university. Methodist University competes in NCAA Division III with its sports teams. As a result, you can only receive an academic scholarship from the university. A fun fact: the coach of the men’s tennis team, Scott Handbeck, is also the director of the PTM program.

The men’s team consists of many American tennis players with a UTR between 6 and 10. The best player is Matthew Hurley, who is Australian. For the women’s team, the level ranges from UTR 3.46 to UTR 6.03. The entry level is easily attainable for many tennis players!

In this article, we have highlighted Methodist University, but there are eight other universities that offer this program, each with its own tennis program: – University of Central Florida (NCAA D1) – Manhattanville College (NCAA D3) – Berry College (NCAA D3) – University of Florida (NCAA D1) – Ferris State University (NCAA D2) – Hope College (NCAA D3) – Bridgewater State University (NCAA D3) – San Diego State University (NCAA D1)

Does it sound exciting to you to pursue this program and make a difference in the tennis world later on? And do you think it would be amazing to play tennis for the university team? Or perhaps you’re interested in college tennis with a different major or at another university? Then sign up quickly for the annual Tennis Showcase and/or fill out the introductory form! We’ll get in touch with you to discuss your options without any obligation.