College swimming is very popular in the U.S. It is no coincidence that the best swimmers in the world choose to swim in college and represent a university in the U.S. Life as a student-athlete in the U.S. offers a lot of opportunities that will help you reach your full potential. In this article, we will focus on the pros of college swimming and why so many choose to swim in college. Read on!

Team spirit

In the Netherlands, swimming is known as an individual sport. However, in the U.S. swimming is known as a teamsport. As a swimmer in college, you become a representative for your university. It is a privilege to compete for your school. You will be part of a team culture where all swimmers share the same passion as you. Every single one of your teammates wants the team to perform at its best. You will train every day together, travel together to swimmeets and support each other during the tough times. Your teammates will become your best friends and a second family. They will challenge you and push you to be at your best. You will compete together to get the best results for your team. The results you get individually will impact your team, so it is vital that every individual performs at their best. The better you perform, the more beneficial that will be for your team!

SDSU – swimming team

Sport experience

If you want to experience sport at the highest level, the U.S. is the place for you! In the U.S. universities are the perfect place that prepare athletes for a professional sports career. The majority of Team USA was active in the NCAA competition as well . As a student-athlete you will receive more guidance, more training moments, more personal attention and more opportunities to ensure that you will develop. You will compete at great locations and stay in the best hotels. You will get the best experience as an athlete and will have everything you need to be the best swimmer you can be.

NCAA Division I Championship – 2020


It is no secret that sport is important for people in the U.S. Especially in college, student-athletes want to be able to continue their athletic career while also earning a college degree. You are allowed to adjust your class schedule to your training schedule. Your teachers understand that you have a busy schedule and are aware of your swimming competition. They are willing to help you and are flexible with exams. In addition, you often get three different coaches who are focused on your personal development as an athlete and a person. You have your own athletic physio, strength trainer and study counselor who all want to ensure that you achieve the best results both in the pool and in the classroom. Their job is to ensure that your team is successful.


The luxurious facilities of the universities will blow you away and will make it easier to train harder . As a student-athlete you have daily access to the swimming pools that are within walking distance of your classrooms. You will spend a lot of your time in the pool, so it is also important that it facilitates all you need in order to perform. In addition, you can use large personal locker rooms, a stadium which will be filled with fans and a separate student-athlete facility where you can quietly focus on your schoolwork. You also have access to physio rooms, a student-athlete gym and dining halls only for athletes. You have a certain VIP status as a student-athlete. It will allow you to fully focus on your swimming development and school.

Swimming facility – Princeton University

The professional guidance, team spirit and top facilities are great advantages that swimming in college can offer. It is the best way to focus on your development as a swimmer and get the most out of your swimming career!

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