In this blog, you can read more about the experiences of Slamstox member Yasmine Abbes, who left for America as a student-athlete six years ago. Yasmine has been active in America since she was 17 and has spent the past four years running and studying in Florida (Florida State University). Want to know more? You can read Yasmine’s story below!

Living the American dream

My name is Yasmine Abbes, and I am currently active as a student-athlete in America. When I was seventeen years old, I made the decision to move to America and give the “American adventure” a chance. My original plan was to go for just a year to gain experience. However, that plan took a different turn… Now, six years later, I’m still here, and looking back, it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

A formidable challenge.

Before I made the decision to go to America, I already knew it would be a formidable challenge. After all, my worst subject in school was English. Additionally, I hadn’t done much research about America, so I had no idea what to expect. Nevertheless, I decided that a year (or eventually more years) in America was definitely something for me.

After my arrival in America, I was welcomed with open arms. Surprisingly, my English problem was resolved within two weeks, haha, because everyone speaks English, so you have no choice but to adapt. In hindsight, I’m incredibly happy with the choice I made because what was supposed to be a year has turned into six years. During these years, I studied psychology with a minor in biology.

Best experience

Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing so many amazing things. One of the coolest experiences was becoming an All-American in the DMR (distance medley relay). This is a relay race that you do with your team, consisting of legs of 400, 800, 1200, and 1600 meters. We flew, as we often do for many races, to Arkansas. By then, we had become the third-best team in America, earning us the title of All-American. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to travel across the entire country and meet so many wonderful people. Of course, I’ve had my ups and downs over the past years, but overall, my American adventure has been an incredible experience that I’ll cherish forever. There are so many unforgettable experiences that I’ve had, ones that I’ll carry with me for a lifetime. Currently, I’m studying at the University of San Francisco and completing my master’s in Sports Management.

Recently, Yasmine has also joined Team Slamstox, where she helps other ambitious athletes shape their American dreams. Do you want to, like Yasmine, combine your sport with studies in America? Fill out the form here, and we’ll be happy to assist you in exploring your possibilities together.