The hockey season has been over for a while for our hockey ladies, but we would like to take a short look at a great season of all our Slamstox hockey players! Everyone did a fantastic job and we are more than proud of all our toppers! But in the American college league, something very special happens at the end of every hockey season. Then the best players of the competition are divided into fictitious teams together with the other best players of the competition. We would like to put our ladies who won these awards in the spotlight!

“Award season” always starts with the so-called Conference Awards. Hockey players receive this award when they belong to one of the best players in their group. Marlon de Bruijne and Julia Duffhuis really played the stars of heaven this season, as they were even named the best attacker (Marlon) and defender (Julia) of their respective conferences. Well done ladies! Indy Zoontjens and Phileine Hazen were also real stars this year and received the award for the best “Rookie” (first year). Class!

The Conference Awards are always followed by the All-Region (best players of a certain region in the country) and All-American (you guessed it, the best players of the country) awards. This year, 5 ladies (Anthe Nijziel, Quirine Comans, Julia Duffhuis, Marlon de Bruijne and Berber Bakermans) won an All-Region award. In addition, Anthe, Quirine, Julia and Sophie Schmitz are also among the best hockey players in the country in their Division! Indy, Sophie, Mirthe Karstens and Roos van Herel stood out as Freshmen so much that they were named to the Rookie All-American team. Congratulations on this great achievement, ladies!

Below you will find an overview of all Slamstox toppers who have won an award this season:



PS. Of course we have done our best to follow everyone, but if you have won an award and you are not there? Let us know and we’ll add you!

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