More and more Dutch tennis players decide to continue with their tennis and academic careers in the American college tennis system. A unique opportunity to develop in a team with fantastic facilities, while at the same time receiving an international degree and gaining world and life experience. It’s definitely not uncommon for college tennis players to turn pro after their college careers. A good Dutch example is Paul Haarhuis. He played college tennis for Florida State University, turned prof and won six grand slam titles.

Last year we already made a similar article with the 10 best college tennis players from the Netherlands at that time, according to UTR. A number of names that could be found in that list are still there, but there are also plenty of new names. We are very proud that 15 of them are Slamstox Student-Athletes. Curious who these talented, hard-working players are? Then quickly check it out below!

20. Jesse den Hartog

Jesse den Hartog – Keiser University

UTR: 11.12
University Keiser University
Division/ Conference: Division NAIA, Sun Conference

In his youth, Jesse became Dutch Champion in both doubles and singles several times. He started his American dream in the spring of 2021. In the end of his first season, he was almost unstoppable. In his first year, he went 7-1 in the last 10 games of the season.

Fun fact, many of the doubles matches Jesse plays together with Bart Nouws, another Dutchman, who you can also find in this list.

19. Jacco Arends

Jacco Arends – University of North Carolina Wilmington

UTR: 11.21
University: University of North Carolina Wilmington
Division/ Conference: Division I, Colonial Athletic Association

Only six weeks ago, in January, Jacco left for America to play tennis at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Meanwhile, he has been training hard with his new teammates. It seems certain that we will hear more from Jacco. For now, at least with a UTR of 11.21, he is already in this list. Go Jacco!

Fun fact: Slamstox founder, Pedro Mol, also played college tennis for Wilmington.

18. Gijs Akkermans

Gijs Akkermans – New Mexico State University

UTR: 11.35
University: New Mexico State University
Division/ Conference: Division I, independent

In 2020 Gijs still played competition in the Eredivisie men for B.T.C. De Pettelaer, in January 2021 he left for New Mexico State University to train and play tennis here. This season he has already won four of his doubles matches.

Gijs is now in his second year as a student and is just at the beginning of his career as a student-athlete. So more to come..!

17. Marc Janse

Marc Janse – Carson- Newman University

UTR: 11.35
University: Carson-Newman University
Division/ Conference: Division II, South Atlantic Conference

Marc Janse is active in the NCAA II at Carson-Newman University and is not the only Dutchman here. At Carson he is teammates with Marnix van Dalen (who you will meet later in this list), Ids Waterbolk and Lars Hordijk. With four Dutch people in the team, it must be traditionally Dutch fun over there.

Last season, Marc led the university to its first SAC tournament entry since 2010 and was also named SAC player of the week once that season.

16. Bart Nouws

Bart Nouws – Keiser University

UTR: 11.37
University: Keiser University
Division/ Conference: Division NAIA, Sun Conference

Even before Bart left for America to play college tennis, he was active on the ITF Juniors Tour and achieved a ranking of #430. At the ITF Juniors Tour he also played against other Dutch college tennis players, such as Jim Hendrix and Bastiaan Weststrate.

Like Jesse den Hartog (number 20 on this list), Bart currently plays for Keizer University, where he started in Fall 2020. Like Jesse, he is also a sophomore this year. In his first year, he set an overall record of 13-3 and 11-2 in doubles. He is now well on his way to breaking this record. Keep on the good work Bart!

15. Marnix van Dalen

Marnix van Dalen – Carson- Newman University

UTR: 11.53
University: Carson-Newman University
Division/ Conference: Division II, South Atlantic Conference

In the summer of 2021, Marnix exchanged his native village Gorinchem for Carson-Newman University, where he ended up in the team with three other Dutch people.

With a UTR of 11.53, it is ​​more than deserved that Marnix is in this list. In addition, in his first year he is already one of the best tennis players on his team, he plays the first singles and doubles and is seen as a real sensation in Tennessee. And that in your first year…. We are proud! Keep on going Marnix.

14. Pascal Wagemaker

Pascal Wagemaker – University of Delaware

UTR: 11.56
University: University of Delaware
Division/ Conference: Division I, Colonial Athletic Association

Pascal was also in the list of the best Dutch college tennis players last year. At that moment he played for Georgia Southern University, where he received his bachelor’s degree last summer. Afterwards he decided to leave for the University of Delaware to obtain his master’s degree and play on the University’s tennis team.

His tennis transfer is certainly successful, he has only lost one single match this season and has already proved to be an important player to the team.

13. Bastiaan Westrate

Bastiaan Westrate – California Polytechnic State University

UTR: 11.61
University: California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo
Division/ Conference: Division I, Big West Conference

Last summer Bastiaan left for the strong college tennis team of California Polytechnic State University. A big challenge, which Bastiaan was not afraid of. At the moment Bastiaan mainly plays in doubles and with success: he hasn’t lost a match yet. So far, he has also played two singles matches, one of them he was able to win.

Bastiaan is currently in his first year in America, so we are confident that Bastiaan will get even better in the upcoming years and win even more matches.

12. Stijn Paardekooper

Stijn Paardekooper – Saint Bonaventure University

UTR: 11.67
University Saint Bonaventure University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Atlantic 10 Conference

Stijn got his HAVO diploma in June 2020, six months later he left for America to combine tennis with a study in Business Management. He won six singles and four doubles matches in his first year, and developed himself into one of the most important players of the team.

At the end of January 2022, Stijn was also named student athlete of the week by CPL. Stijn still has a few years to go in America and can therefore continue to blast, let’s go Bonnies!

Luuk Wassenaar – DePaul University

11. Luuk Wassenaar

UTR: 11.74
University: DePaul University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Big East Conference

Last season, Luuk and his team won the Big East title for the first time in the history of the University. In addition, he was also named as the most outstanding player of the championship. In 2021 Luuk was named ITA Scholar-Athlete for the second year in a row.

Of the six games that Luuk has played so far this season, he has won no fewer than five of them. Keep on going Luuk!

10. Daan van Dijk

Daan van Dijk – Montana State University

UTR: 11.85
University: Montana State University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Big Sky Conference

At the beginning of 2021, Daan exchanged Bergen in North Holland for American Montana, to play tennis and study at the University. During his first autumn season, Daan was mainly a steamer in the doubles, he won thirteen of his matches and lost only four.

The last few weeks Daan has also been busy in the singles. At the beginning of this month, Daan was awarded player of the week of the Big Sky Conference.

9. Sander Jans

Sander Jans – Southern Arkansas University

UTR: 11.94
University: Southern Arkansas University
Division/ Conference: Division II, Great American Conference

Sander is a senior on the Southern Arkansas University tennis team. Before entering this university, Sander also played two years for Seward County, Kansas. After which he made a transfer to this Division II team. Meanwhile, Sander has become super important to the team and has only lost one single game this season.

Good work, last week Southern Arkansas University reached its all-time highest ranking of #13 on the ITA D2 Men’s team ranking, also thanks to Sander.

8. Jim Hendrikx

Jim Hendrikx – Samford University

UTR: 12.21
University: Samford University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Southern Conference

Jim was trained at Amjoy Tennis in his youth and has always been among the best in his age group throughout his junior years. After graduating VWO, Hendrix left for Samford University in America in the summer of 2020. After a very successful first year, Jim can now count himself one of the strongholds of the team.

A few months ago Jim also told us about his experiences in a webinar: check it out!

7. Edward Etty

Edward Etty – Valdosta State University

UTR: 12.22
University: Valdosta State University
Division/ Conference: Division II, Gulf South Conference

Even before he left for America, Edward played on the ITF tour and earned his first points for an ITF ranking. In 2019, Edward left for Georgia to play tennis for Valdosta State University, where he lost just 6 of his 17 doubles matches in his sophomore season. Also at the moment Edward mainly plays in doubles matches for his team.

6. Christian Lerby

Christian Lerby – Arizona State University

UTR: 12.34
University: Arizona State University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Pac-12 Conference

As the son of former professional football player Søren Lerby, sports is real important for Christian. For a long time he could be found on both the tennis court and the football field, but after much hesitation, Christian finally chose tennis. And with success: in 2018 he achieved an ITF Juniors ranking of #68 and in 2019 he already reached to the first round of the junior tournament of the Australian Open, a dream came true.

Last year, he started his second season with Arizone State University as a sophomore with an 8-1 record, taking four of his wins in a two-setter.

5. Fons van Sambeek

Fons van Sambeek – North Carolina State University

UTR: 12:68
University: North Carolina State University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Atlantic Coast Conference

Even before he left for America, the young Dutchman managed to win five titles on the ITF Tour and was in the quarterfinals of the Dutch National Championships in 2020. Fons left for America in the summer of 2021 and is in his first season. And what kind of a season; he has lost only one double and won all of his singles to date. Of which one match even 6-0 6-0! A real flying start!

With a UTR of 12.68, Fons is not only in the top five best Dutch college tennis players of the moment, but he can also call himself the best Dutch freshman of the moment.

4. Stijn Slump

Stijn Slump – Middle Tennessee State University

UTR: 13.09
University: Middle Tennessee State University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Conference USA

Stijn is also no stranger to college tennis, this Slamstox athlete was named C-USA Freshman of the Year in his first year, and last year he was allowed to call himself the most outstanding player in the championship. But during his career at Middle Tennesseee State University, he wrote many more titles on his profile. He is now the undisputed number 1 of his team and has already won seven singles and six doubles this season. So a real champion.

3. Lodewijk Weststrate

Lodewijk Weststrate – University of Southern California

UTR: 13.24
University: University of Southern California
Division/ Conference: Division I, Pacific-12 Conference

Like his brother, Bastiaan, Lodewijk is also active in America. Even before he left for America, he obtained his first ATP points, not surprising that the universities were queuing up for him. He eventually chose USC, one of the most successful universities in America, big names such as Steve Johnson and Yannick Hanfmann already preceded the Dutchman.

In his first year, he was immediately important to his team, with a 25-5 record in singles. So a promising start, for now the Dutchman still has a while to go in America and we will probably hear more from him.

2. Sander Jong

Sander Jong – Texas Christian University

UTR: 13.63
University: Texas Christian University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Big 12 Conference

Sander won the NCAA Division I National Indoor Championship this week. In the semifinals, Sander even took the decisive point for his team, and in the final he also managed to win both his doubles and singles. Sander was also named as Big 12 Player of the week, this week. We are very proud. Go Frogs! Go Sander!

With a UTR of 13.38 in the doubles, Sander is even the best Dutch college tennis doubles player at the moment. And with one year to go, Sander still has plenty of opportunity to grow.

1. Daniel de Jonge

Daniel de Jonge – Pepperdine University

UTR: 13.71
University: Pepperdine University
Division/ Conference: Division I, West Coast Conference

Daniel de Jonge was also on our list last year, in fourth place. After a year of hard work, he can now call himself the best Dutch college player of the moment. But that’s not all, he is a member of the WCC All-Academic 1st Team for the second season in a row and earned a spot in the WCC Commissioner’s honor roll (gold).

In addition, Daniel is in the top 10 best college tennis players of all universities at the moment. Wow, what an honors list!

What a great talents, twenty great tennis players. All of whom have put in great performances in recent years. Do you also want to become a student athlete, just like these 20 top athletes? Reach out! Then we will look together at your options and which university suits you best.