With a total of more than 2000 American universities where college soccer is played, there are a lot of special and beautiful universities. Too many to list in this article, but we managed to make a top 10. Check it out!

10. FirstEnergy Stadium-Cub Cadet Field – University of Akron

The FirstEnergy Stadium-Cub Cadet Field (formerly known as Lee R. Jackson Soccer Field) is the home of the Akron soccer teams. The stadium is part of the Lee Jackson Field Complex, a 93,000 square foot facility! The FirstEnergy Stadium-Cub Cadet Field is one of the first stadiums in the Mid-American Conference to feature beautifully lit playing fields. The field has also been equipped with a drainage system for several years now – sounds a little less chic, but that ensures that the field is always in perfect condition for your match. So very important! In short: the University of Akron is moving with the times. Check out the awesome stadium in the photo above.

9. Jeffrey Field – Penn State University

Jeffrey Field is considered one of the most beautiful grassy stadiums in America. The field was also honored as the 2006 Collegiate Soccer Field of the Year by the SportsTurf Managers Association. The stadium can accommodate up to 5,000 fans, can you imagine playing soccer in front of so many people? In 2003, during the renovation, a press box, a video booth, extensive stands and a new field were also added. A college soccer stadium with great facilities and a deserved place in this top 10. Go PSU!

8. Pier 5 – St. Francis University

For the next stadium we go to ‘The Big Apple’: St. Francis University. In terms of view, it is the absolute number one, but also in terms of facilities it certainly deserves the eighth place in this top ten. The soccer teams play at Pier 5, which is located directly under the world famous Brooklyn Bridge! So the football players, but also the goose, can look over the East River from the field and the stands. But that’s not all, the skyline of Manhattan still sticks out. Bizarre right!? There aren’t many facilities that offer this goosebumps view during a college game. This also ensures great photos for all student athletes, as you can see above.

7. Dr. Mark & Cindy Lynn Stadium – University of Louisville

The University of Louisville has one of the most modern college stadiums of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). The ‘Dr. Mark & ​​Cindy Lynn Stadium’ has 5,300 seats and a 15,320 square meter training center! The stadium also has identical changing rooms for both the men’s and women’s teams, offices for the coaches and a training room for physios. It is therefore not surprising that the University of Louisville received a ‘LEED Silver certification’ for this. Thanks in part to its modern facilities and the beautiful field, the University of Louisville is a popular place for many student-athletes. Go Cardinals!

6. GCU Stadium – Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University had to wait a while for the new GCU Stadium, but in 2016 it was finally time. The college soccer teams were ready to start in the brand new stadium and that was not without success: during the first game there were no fewer than 6,402 fans present! This was also the largest number of spectators ever seen at a college soccer game in Arizona. In its first season, GCU Stadium had an average of 2,508 fans per game, a number that many college soccer players envy! The stadium has a maximum capacity of 6.000 spectators, but also has an academic wing below the stadium. The place where the college soccer players can also work on their school. The field has also been extended on three sides with grass verges, where 3.000 spectators can enjoy the match. You understand that the field is overloaded with fans when a home game is won.. Check it out!

5. Highmark Stadium – Point Park University

Playing your soccer games with a view of the Pittsburgh skyline doesn’t sound wrong, does it? It’s all reality possible if you’re part of the soccer team of Point Park University! Highmark Stadium is home to the Pioneers (that’s what the student-athletes are called) and has 4,000 seats. The best thing about Highmark Stadium is of course the spectacular view, but the beautiful facilities are also worth a visit. During evening matches you also get such a beautiful sky as in the photo above. Do you think Highmark Stadium deserves a 5th place? We like it!

4. Luger Field – Gonzaga University

You don’t come across soccer fields like Luger Field very often, but for the soccer players at Gonzaga University it’s just ‘normal business’! It should therefore come as no surprise that Luger Field is often rated as one of the best stadiums for playing college soccer, a deserved number 4. The beautiful field is just a bit away from Washington’s Spokane River. If you want to play college soccer on the west coast of America, Gonzaga University is the one to put on your list!

3. South Field – Brigham Young University

Yes, we made it to the top 3! For number three we move away from the city and get back to the amazing nature. The South Field Stadium is the home of BYU in Utah and is known as one of the best College Soccer environments in the country! Partly due to the high quality field, South Field serves as a facility for the national soccer team of the USA. The team used the field for the 2005 World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica. Next to the great mountain ranges of Utah, this is without a doubt a special place to play the game you love. Can you imagine playing or cheering here? Goosebumps guaranteed!

2. Lanny and Sharon Martin Stadium – Northwestern University

We’ve seen beautiful skylines and mountain landscapes around the soccer fields in the top 10 before, but we’ve never seen anything like Northwestern University has to offer. The ‘Lanny and Sharon Martin Stadium’ is in a very deserved second place, you will understand that when you look at the photo above. The Manhattan skyline is awesome, but what if you just have a great view on water during your soccer game?! So here it is…

You probably started thinking: “ehhh which ocean is this near to Chicago?” But no, it is the enormous ‘Michigan Lake’ that can be seen in the photo. And the view is not everything, in 2016 the stadium also underwent a major renovation. A new lawn, awesome lighting and professional video equipment made this facility even more special. Let’s be honest: who wouldn’t want this?!

1. Morrison Stadium – Creighton University

And here we are…. We have arrived at the number one on this list! It is the one and only Morrison Stadium, located in the city of ‘Omaha’ near the Missouri River. 7500 seats, of which almost 2000 covered seats, a video scoreboard, a ‘champions room’, five luxury suites, a press box, many eateries and a beautiful reception area. A selection of all the facilities this stadium has to offer, so it will not surprise you that this is the big number one on this list.

Everything this stadium has to offer has not only caught our eye, as it has already served as a location for several major events such as international soccer matches in professional football. The last professional game played here was for the USA Women’s Soccer Team against the national team of Sweden. Dreams come true if you become part of this as a college soccer player!

This was it, ten unique soccer accommodations at American universities. With great facilities, special stories and the opportunity for players to play soccer at a high level and study within an inspiring environment. But besides these ten universities, there are of course many more schools that offer college soccer and have special and good facilities. Do you remember an awesome college soccer facility that definitely belongs to this list? Then let us know via the socials!

Do you want to become a student-athlete as well? Reach out! Together we will look at your options.