There are more than one thousand American Universities offering College Tennis. There are many different levels of skills, seven official divisions and most important you can play college tennis through the whole country. But which university has the best facilities, which one has the most special courts? In this article we want to tell you more about some of those universities, their tennis facilities and what them makes so special.

10. Hurd Tennis Center, Baylor University Texas

The Hurd Tennis Center is one of the best college tennis locations of the country, in 2015 the magazine Tennis crowned Hurd Tennis Center even as the best college tennis facility. Not a big surprise, the complex is modern, clean and the complex is all about tennis. The Center has twelve outdoor courts and has the opportunity to seat around 3.000 people.

In 2012 a revolutionary, special scoreboard was introduced. With this scoreboard, fans are able to know the scores and stand of all the matches at the same time.

9. UHH Tennis Courts, University of Hawaii Hilo

If you talk about special tennis facilities on Universities, this one is very special too. In comparing to other American Universities, the University of Hilo is smaller. However, the University still has six hardcourt, outdoor courts. The courts are directly next to the Baseball court. All the facilities are close to each other. And if you are lucky, you can even see the Pacific Ocean from the University.

Beside the fact that the team play matches on the courts on their own University, they also play matches at the Holua Tennis Center, on the other side of the Island.

8. Skip and Cindy Hogan Tennis Center, University of San Diego

In the summer of 2021 the Tennis Center of the University of San Diego has been completely renovated. The outdoor courts were refreshed, and they added additional bleacher seating. The Skip and Cindy Hogan Tennis Center is the home for both the men’s and women’s team of the University. Through the years the university have won multiple Conference titles.

There are a couple of (old) Slamstox student-athletes who studied at the University of San Diego. Back in 2019 Guus Koevermans won the West Coast Conference with his team, a year later he graduated from San Diego University. Since this summer Stian Klaassen is part of the tennis team of this University.

7. Wake Forest Tennis Center, Wake Forest University North Carolina

Except the fact that the Wake Forest Tennis Center is the home of both the men’s and women’s team of the University, is there a ATP Tournament every year at the complex. The week before the US Open, the Wiston-Salem Open will take place. With former winners as Kevin Anderson and John Isner, the tournament had also crowned former college players as winner.

Above the thirteen outdoor courts, the tennis teams also have access to a large scale of indoor facilities, most important another eight tennis hardcourts.

6. CU-Bounder South Campus Tennis Complex, University of Colorado

The location of the Tennis Complex of the University Colorado is really special, when you’re playing on court you can see the Flatirons, mountains in Colorado. Through the location, in the middle of the nowhere, you can have a beautiful view on the mountains while playing your matches on court.

Fleur Eggink, is one of the best Dutch College tennis players from this decade. During her masters she played a year for the tennis team of the University of Colorado.

5. Taube Tennis Center, Stanford University California

Stanford University is a well known University, mostly because of their academic level. But Stanford is more, the University has also a beautiful tennis facility with a total of 17 courts. Almost 100 years ago, in 1926, the complex was built, but of course since then it has been renovated multiple times. Nowadays the Stadium at the Tennis Center has a capacity of almost 2500 people.

The Taube Tennis Center has hosted multiple NCAA championships (both men and women). In 1999 the final of the Fed Cup took place at Stanford. America defeated the Russian women with 4-1. Between 1997 and 2017 the Tennis Center also hosted a yearly WTA event.

Bob and Mike Bryan, the famous Bryan brothers, who have won over one hunderd titles, played college tennis for Stanford University.

4. Styslinger/ Altec Tennis Complex, SMU Dallas

The Tennis complex of the SMU have both outdoor as indoor courts. (Six outdoor, and six inside the complex)  Which are not only used by student-athletes, but also a couple of professional tennis players who live in Texas regular use the complex of this University to train.

The Dallas Open is the only ATP indoor tournament in America on the calender. In February 2022 the tournament will be back for the first time since 1989. Location: The indoor courts of the University of Dallas. A special location. With former college tennis players as John Isner, Maxime Cressy and Jenson Brooksby on the entry list, college tennis is well represented during this tournament.

3. The UC LA Tennis Center, University of California

The Los Angeles Tennis Center was built for the Olympic Games 1984, that took place in Los Angeles. During the Olympics tennis was just a demonstration sport, to promote the sport by a larger scale of people. In the present, we can’t even think about an Olympics without tennis anymore.

Almost immediately after the Olympics in 1984, the tennis boys team of the University of California, started to play matches at this center. A couple years later, the girls tennis team joined them. Nowadays both the boys and girls tennis team still play and train on this courts.

Jennifer Brady, played college tennis for the University of California in 2013 and 2014. Last year, she reached to the final of the Australian Open.

2. Rome Tennis Center, Berry College Georgia

Officially the Rome Tennis Center doesn’t belong to one of the Universities, but this Center is important for college tennis as well.  With a total of 63 courts, of course it deserves a spot in this list. The Rome Tennis Centre opened in 2016 with (only) 57 outdoor courts, can you image how huge this complex is? In 2020 the Indoor complex was opened with six hardcourts.

This Center isn’t the home of any University tennis team, but on regular basis they organize big college tennis tournaments. A couple of Conference tournaments, like the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) are played on these courts. Because in contrast to other Tennis Centers here are enough tennis courts for all the players to join the tournament.

1. Dan Magill Tennis Complex, University of Georgia

Nobody will be surprised that the tennis facilities of the University of Georgia are on top of this list. With sixteen courts (twelve outdoor, four indoor courts) and a seating capacity above the 5.000, it is one of the largest University tennis complex of the States. In the past, the complex hosted a record of NCAA championships, for both men and women.

For a long time the Dan Magill Tennis Complex was known as beacon of excellence for college tennis. Nowadays, it is still one of the best college tennis facilities in the country.

John Isner, former number eight of the ATP ranking, has also played college tennis for the University of Georgia.

Ten unique, special tennis Centers on American Universities. With great facilities, special stories and the opportunity to play tennis on high level in a inspire environment. Of course beside these ten universities there are a lot of other universities that offer college tennis.

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