Last week we posted, a list of our top 10 best Indoor T&F facilities, this week it’s time to show you our top 10 T&F outdoor facilities. If you are a T&F athlete, pay attention here….. Some great facilities will pass by in this article. Check it out!

10. Andre Reed Stadium – Kutztown University

The Andre Reed stadium has been the home of the KU women’s and men’s outdoor track and field team since 1936! That’s quit a history right? The track was resurfaced in 2005 and became operational for the 2006 season. The outdoor track is a six-lane track with a long jump on the outer side of the field. The total capacity of this field is about 5,600 fans and has a site for parking. And check out the golden bear in the middle of the field…

Check out the Andre Reed Stadium below!

College and University Track & Field Teams | Kutztown University of  Pennsylvania

9. Sam Bailey Track and Field Stadium – University of Alabama

The Sam Bailey stadium first opened in 1975, and has been recently renovated. The goal of the renovation was to give the track and field athletes everything they need to become a successful high-level athlete. In this they succeeded…

The track is a nine-lane track with Beynon BS-2000 track surface. This is an ideal and durable surface for training and competition. The new renovation enhanced the seating capacity, the restrooms, the concession areas, and storage facilities.

The stadium includes a bermuda grass field that is used for javelin, discus, and hammer throw. It also includes a shot-put throw area at the end of the track outside the oval. This field is one of the few fields that is mainly used for track and field athletes. Let’s go Crimson Tide!

8. Cromwell and Kathrine B. Loker Stadium – University of Southern California

The original name of this track was Cromwell, named after the legendary coach Dean Cromwell. He is remembered as legendary since he and his teams won about 12 NCAA titles! After the lovely donation of 2 million dollars was given by an ex-student, Katherine B. Loker, it was decided to change the name of the stadium to ‘Cromwell and Katherine B. Loker stadium’. Quit fair you’d see, since Katherine donated about $2 million dollars to the stadium!

This track has had several Olympics athletes such as Jess William, Duane Solomon, Bryshon Nellum and Josh Mance. Not only this facility but USC in general, is known for ‘delivering’ several Olympics athletes over these past years. Great university, great facility!

7. Rock Chalk Track & Field Complex – University of Kansas

This track and field complex was built in 2014 and has been a host to several NCAA meets throughout the years. The Complex is 90,000 square feet, that include offices, training rooms, locker rooms, official rooms and athletic training facilities with a nine-lane track. 

In 2016, it hosted the NCAA West Preliminary meet and the 2017 USA track and field Junior Championship one year later. The 2017 USA track and field Junior Championship was also hosted and this complex. The seating capacity of this complex is 7,543, so lots of fans can come and cheer for the athletes. The construction costs of this facility was $9 million. Whutttt…?!

Take a look at the great Rock Chalk Track below.

Afbeelding met lucht, gras, buiten, stadion

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

6. Clyde Hart Track and Field Stadium – Baylor University

6th place in this top 10 we find Baylor University! This university’ wonderful track stadium was named after the legendary T&F coach, Clyde Hart. Hart is primarily known as the only coach to have instructed Michael Johnson, the gold medal winner in the individual 400 meters at the 1996 and 2000 Summer Olympics.

The complex total construction cost was $18.1 million, and it can hold up to 5,000 participants and spectators with seating in the back and front stretches. The Big 12 Outdoor Championships were also hosted at this stadium. Looks amazing right?!

Baylor University Clyde Hart Track and Field | Flintco

5. James G. Pressly Stadium – University of Florida, Gainesville

This fascinating outdoor track and field facility served as the home track of the Gator track and field program. The stadium was named after James G. Pressly, following his generous gift, and graduated in 1972 of the UF College of Law. The total capacity of this facility is 4500 spectators. After the renovation, the long jump and pole vault pits were moved from the infield to the outside of the track. 

The Field was first named after the former Gator head coach Percy Bread, it is a world record-holder and Olympian in the high hurdles. Percy is also a member of the USA T&F Hall of Fame. 

The fields include a steeplechase water jump, multiple jump runways, discus and three circles for shot put. Over the years this track has hosted several events such as: 2004 and 2007 NCAA East Regional and the 1960,1970, 1981,1989, 1998 and 2009 Southeastern Conference Outdoor Championships.

Big events and an amazing location! Check it out below.

Afbeelding met gras, buiten, weg, snelweg

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4. The Mike A. Myers Stadium – University of Texas Austin

This stadium is name after Mike A. Meyers, he is a UT benefactor who gave a generous donation to the renovation of this field. This field is home to the soccer and track and field programs. This spacious track complex has a training room, team lounge areas, a full-size press box, separate scoring boards for track and soccer and locker rooms. The seating capacity is 20,000 spectators. that is a lot of people! 

This field is a nine-lane European oval layout with a wide turn radius. This radius is very different from traditional tracks, it allows for more speed in turns.

Myers Stadium Track and Field event

3. Christy Mathewson Memorial Stadium – Bucknell University

And here we are… Top three!

In third place is the home field for the Bison lacrosse team, football team and track and field team. This stadium is a very special stadium because it pays tribute to Bucknell’s numerous war veterans. The field was renovated and renamed in 1989, it is now named after the famous alumni and one of the heroes in American sports. Christy Mathewson was one of the five original members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, but he originally gained fame as a fullback, drop kicker and punter at Bucknell.

This eight-lane synesthetic track has a capacity for 13,100 spectators. It includes concession stands, ticket booths and restrooms. Check out the stadium below. Amazing university colors and crazy stands right? We love it!

Bucknell University | Aerial Pros

2. Franklin Field – University of Pennsylvania

This huge stadium is located at the eastern edge of the University of Pennsylvania. This stadium is the home field for the football, lacrosse and track and field team. According to the NCAA, it was the first stadium in the United Stated with upper deck seating! But also the first field to be on national TV and radio, as well as the first stadium with a score board. This historical stadium is the oldest stadium in the United States, the field was first opened on April 20, 1895. 

In the past years Franklin Field has hosted many huge and important events such as the annual Penn Relays Carnival and NCAA Championships. This stadium is one of the largest stadiums in the United stated and can hold up to 70,000 spectators. Can you imagine that? Goosebumps guaranteed!

125 years of Franklin Field | Penn Today

1. Hayward Field – University of Oregon

The Hayward field is an Olympic stadium, the stadium was built in the 1890s. This field was originally built for football, but years later a six-lane track started bordering the football field. In the 1960s, the field was transferred into a full track and field stadium. This stadium hosted several mega events over the years, and this year it will be hosting the 2022 World Athletics Championship in July!

The renovation of this stadium took place in the summer of 2018 and was completed in the spring of 2020. The total capacity of this stadium is 25,000 people. The renovation was only through numerous donations. The Hayward stadium consist of a 400-meter track with 48-inch lands and 85-meter straightaways, steeple water jump, Barrier height for men and women, long jump/triple pits, separate section for high jump and a pit for Pole Vault and Shot put. As well as a 45-meter runway for Javelin.

Check out the stadium below. Do you think it deserves the first spot in our list? We definitely do!

University of Oregon Unveils Plans for New Hayward Field

This was it! Ten cool T&F accommodations at American universities. With special stories, facilities, and the opportunity for athletes to compete in high level T&F competition while combining it with their studies. Of course, there are many more wonderful T&F accommodations and many other schools that offers college T&F. Do you know a cool college track and field facility that belongs on this list? Then let us know via the socials!

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