You may have already heard a lot about it: playing sports and studying in America! Among Dutch youth, it is becoming increasingly popular to make the move to America because sports and studies can be combined at the highest level there.

University of Oregon – Eugene Oregon

After reviewing the Slamstox website, watching videos of other student-athletes, and conducting your own research, you want to know what your chances are of qualifying for a scholarship. But what are the actual requirements?

In short, you can say that there are two different elements where you as a student-athlete need to ”score”: In brief, you can state that there are two different elements where you as a student-athlete need to excel: academic and athletic. The university in America will determine if you are academically admitted, while the coach of the sports team will determine if you are admitted to the varsity team for your sport. The levels of sports in America vary greatly by sport. For example, we have helped Olympic athletes to go to America, but we also assist regional amateur athletes who go to America mainly for the experience or for a gap year. There is a place in sports for almost everyone!

Do you want to know more about the requirements for academic admission? Then read on quickly!

Academic admission at an American university.

There are more than 2,000 different universities and colleges in America, each with their own requirements and rules for academic admission. There are various routes possible to get into an American university:

fter high school: you will need a VWO, HAVO, MBO, or GED diploma. A GED- diploma is an American high school certificate. As a Dutch student, you can also obtain this during the summer months, for example, if you only have a VMBO diploma.

During your studies in the Netherlands: if you have already started an MBO, HBO or WO study in the Netherlands, you can continue this in America. You will then go to America as a so-called transfer student. On our Wiki page you can find more about tranfering.

Master’s student: you have already obtained a bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands and will pursue a master’s degree in America. On our Wiki page you can find more information.

Regardless of your academic background and obtained diplomas, to be admitted to an American university, you also need to take a number of tests. These are academic tests to determine your level in subjects such as English and Mathematics. Each university has different requirements and asks for different scores for these tests. What kind of tests there are you can find on this page.

The top Universities in America, often ask for additional materials such as a letter of recommendation, a motivational letter, your CV, and more.

Do you want to know more about academic admission and whether you are eligible to study in America? Reach out or plan a meeting with us!