Hockey in the Netherlands is incredibly fun, that’s something we all know! But couldn’t playing hockey in a different country be exciting too? In America, for instance, you can combine hockey with education. Despite the sport remaining the same, ‘College Field Hockey’ is quite distinct from what we’re accustomed to in the Netherlands. Discover more about the unique experiences surrounding College Field Hockey!


Having your own physio, strength and fitness training sessions, swim recovery workouts, ice baths, and the extensive training hours are just a few aspects that make hockey there so professional. A true delight for enthusiasts! Ever dreamt of living the life of an ‘international’? In America, you have the opportunity to experience it, at your own level.

Away trips

Boston, New York, or perhaps California? In America, it’s quite normal to cover substantial distances for matches. Most teams are located on the East Coast, so you’ll spend quite a few hours on a special bus with your team (no more driving parents). Is the match really far away? There’s a good chance you’ll all take a flight together. Typically, matches that are a bit farther are clustered so you’re on the road for a weekend. The time between matches is spent together in hotels

Overtime and shootouts

Hockey matches in America have to be decided! If the score is tied after regular playtime, there’s always ‘overtime’. And overtime isn’t your typical extension, definitely not. During overtime, you actually play with 7 players on each side on the full field! You immediately understand why those strength and fitness training sessions are necessary. Oh, and if you’re still tied after playing the full overtime? Then it’s time for shootouts. Better start practicing!

Tourney time!

The end of every College Field Hockey season consists of various tournaments. Initially, your goal is to make it to your ‘Conference Tournament’ with your team. This is the end-of-season tournament for your league. If you win this tournament, you advance to the big final tournament: The NCAA Championships. Following this tournament with several rounds of do-or-die matches, the ‘National Champion’ is eventually determined. Even if you don’t win your Conference Tournament, you can still qualify for the NCAA tournament by winning many matches during the regular season. As a result, you realize that every game has a purpose and you always step onto the field as a team with incredible determination.

“Your teammates are your sisters”

Many girls hear it when they arrive in America: ‘Your teammates are your sisters.’ As a down-to-earth Dutch girl, your initial reaction might be: ‘Yeah right, sure.’ But within a week, you realize nothing could be truer. Teams often consist of 25-30 players, and while you might not become best friends with everyone, you become incredibly close with a large portion in a short amount of time. Another great aspect: there are often more players from different countries on your team. Hello, vacation spots in Argentina, Australia, and South Africa!

As you can see, America and college field hockey have a lot to offer. It’s the opportunity to push your boundaries, explore more of the world, and continue playing hockey at the same time. Do you want to become a student-athlete too? Reach out! Let’s work together to explore your options and find the university that suits you best.