Slamstox introduces basketball recruiter Brian Riesmeijer!

Brian Riesmeijer is the newest addition to the Slamstox team. With over 22 years experience and a large network in the basketball world, Brian is our newest recruiter to help basketball players find scholarships to American colleges and universities.

Brian lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands and has played college basketball in Mississippi. He has played for several club teams in the Netherlands and has a large network of coaches, clubs, players and colleges in the United States. With a full basketball scholarship at EMCC (known from Netflix series Last Chance U), Brian gained a lot of experience as a student-athlete. He is going to use this experience to help other basketball players live their dream. In addition to his basketball experience, Brian has earned degrees in sports & movement as well as physical education. Brian has a lot of experience in the field of physical development and the training of basketball players and other athletes to optimally prepare them for their college adventure. Interested in Brian’s complete profile? Check out his bio and background on our about page!

College basketball is one of the largest sports in the world. There are over 2,000 colleges and universities with basketball teams, and most games are broadcasted on multiple TV channels. Every year, many college basketball players make their way to the NBA, and fans all over the world follow the NCAA Basketball competition. The most famous period is called March Madness, when the best basketball teams fight for the NCAA championship. An awesome time for every sports fan out there! Would you like to learn more about college sports or about the process of becoming a student-athlete in the US? Sign up here and plan a free meeting with us!

Contact Brian

Are you interested in Brian’s stories about Basketball in the US? Would you like to know what Brian can do for you, or what your chances of obtaining a basketball scholarship are? Email for a free meeting or send him a Whatsapp message at +31614757867 with any questions you may have.

Welcome to the team Brian, and let’s keep flying above those rings!