College tennis in the United States is growing. More and more young tennis players see this as the ‘route to the top’ of the tennis world and we understand that. We would like to outline a number of advantages of college tennis. Continue reading why college tennis is the ideal next step for you!


The system in the United States is unique. Scholarships are awarded based on your qualities as an athlete and / or as a student. These scholarships are often the basis for the final choice to play college tennis in the United States. Playing sports and studying in the United States is different than in all other countries because you can continue to make the combination here. You do not have to choose one or the other.

Social aspect

We cannot forget the social side of the story either. College tennis in the United Staten gives you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. You do many things together with your teammates. Think of training, living and traveling together to your competitions. The fact that American universities distribute these scholarships gives many people the chance to gain a unique experience as a “student-athlete” in the United States.

Sport culture

Americans are almost all sports enthusiasts. You can see this in the visitor numbers. Everyone is proud of “their” school and they are more than happy to come and watch those who receive scholarships to represent “their” school. Most tennis players who play college tennis in the United States experience this as a sign of appreciation and respect.


College tennis in the United States knows almost no limits. Schools spend a lot of money on scholarships and on facilities to promote performance as much as possible.

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