Slamstox is proud to announce a collaboration with one the largest Netherlands-based companies in the financial sector: Welten B.V.!

We are always trying to maximize the potential of our student-athletes. They work extremely hard to get the most out of their careers in the US. That’s why we want to help student-athletes who (nearly) complete their studies in the US, with finding a job in the Netherlands. At Slamstox we believe that everyone who decided to become a student-athlete and has experienced what it really means, has an edge when it comes to life after college. Therefore, we have launched a new service for all student-athletes! Our ultimate goal is to make the word student-athlete more famous in the Netherlands. The meaning and importance of being a student-athlete should reflect on the opportunities in the job market.

Study and sports in the US

It is well known that Universities in the US create a perfect platform for combining studies and sports at a high level. It’s an amazing experience which will have a great and positive impact on the rest of your life. There are so many reasons why you should play college sports in the US. As a student-athlete, you develop yourself in multiple different ways. For example, as a student-athlete you develop a top sports mentality, you learn how to perform under pressure and in a team, you build up an international network, you learn how to speak English fluently and you  develop yourself rapidly on a personal and social level. These are all different qualities and skills that are very valuable for the rest of your life. No coincidence that our slogan is: Future Champions Start Here!”. This all sound very good, but does being a student-athlete actually increase your chances on the Dutch job market?


Over the past year, Slamstox worked on a thorough research where we tried to find out what type of skills and qualities student-athletes develop during their career as a student-athlete in the US. We wanted to find out if our student-athletes could be more interesting for companies in the Netherlands, compared to regular Dutch students and athletes. Our research shows us that student-athletes develop important skills for the job market in a faster and more intensive way than Dutch students do. We especially investigated the ‘21st Century Skills’, which are increasingly important in the job market of today. With the help of our own questionnaire, we can measure your 21st Century Skill-level. Would you like to know how you score on these skills? Fill out our questionnaire right here!


“Together we go for your development and your career” – Gerard Pruijsen (Former professional athlete and current Business Manager at Welten).

Welten develops and improves the careers of recently graduated students within the disciplines Financial Advisory & Operations, Compliance & Risk and Business IT. The company is located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and operates throughout all of the Netherlands. Welten delivers a substantial contribution to the improvement of the quality of financial service providers: “Our mission is to help consumers and companies with making impactful financial decisions”. Welten gives talented and ambitious graduates the possibility to start working at a variety of large financial companies. “We understand the great value of the background of student-athletes. We notice that they are extremely driven and that they fit well into our company culture. They understand what it is like to work hard and can operate well in teams” noticed by Gerard Pruijsen.

When starting your career at Welten, you begin with a highly competitive traineeship, in which you will rapidly develop your skills needed for the working field. After a couple of weeks, you start working on your first assignment at a company. These companies are mostly big and (inter)nationally operating companies where you can learn a lot. Welten also offers the option to combine a master’s degree during the traineeship. Are you not sure yet whether you would like to do a master’s degree or start working already? Don’t worry! At Welten, you can do both 😉.

Are you currently studying in the US or have you graduated already? And would you like to learn more about your job opportunities in the Netherlands? Fill out our form and we will get in touch with you shortly! FUTURE CHAMPIONS START HERE!