A strong start for Slamstox in 2022! We have added a very experienced team member to Team Slamstox: Marle van Dessel will be active as field hockey specialist. Marle has played college sports in the US for four years. She has gained a lot of valuable experience in her sports and professional career. Time to get to know her better!

Marle van Dessel: a true college field hockey specialist!

Marle started playing field hockey at a young age at a local club in Oisterwijk called HOCO. After graduating from high school in 2007, she decided to take on an adventure together with her twin sister Flore. They both got invited to play field hockey and study at Virginia Commonwealth University, better known as VCU. An opportunity both Marle and Flore couldn’t let go, and four beautiful years would follow.

Marle quickly became one of the most important “foundation players” for the VCU team and led her team to the Conference championships tournament in 2011. The coaches were so happy with the twins, that later they also offered their younger sister Rymme a scholarship to come play field hockey for VCU. This made the “Van Dessel Family” one of the first Dutch generations to play college field hockey in the US. The start of a dangerous movement…!

After graduating with a degree in Mass Communications, Marle stayed at VCU for a little longer. She became the “grad assistant”, which is an assistant coach who studies for a master’s degree at the same time. Marle completed her master’s degree in sports management and was able to help the VCU team even more. However, this wasn’t the end for Marle’s America adventure. She later on joined the athletic department at Georgia Southern University as a communications specialist and learned a lot about the internal affairs of college sports.

When Marle came back to the Netherlands in 2013, she kept playing field hockey and joined Were Di Dames 1 in the Dutch promotional division. She currently plays for Were Di with other Slamstox Field Hockey Specialists Marique and Maud. Marle has also worked for a variety of different companies active in sports, management, and events. The step towards Slamstox was a logical next step in her career:

“College field hockey in the US made me the person I am today. I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to help other players live the experience I have had as well!”

Marle van Dessel

Marle has a tremendous network in the field hockey world, both in the Netherlands and in the US. She will mostly focus on helping field hockey players throughout their process. Are you interested in learning more about Marle’s experiences, or would you just like to meet her? Feel free to send her an email through marle@slamstox.com.

Welcome to the squad, Marle!