Slamstox and Amjoy are going to introduce a unique concept in the Netherlands together with UTR: UTR Flex Leagues! These are tennis competitions where you are guaranteed to play 4 matches against opponents of an equivalent level in a period of five weeks. The first edition will be played from March 3 to April 4. After that the event will be repeated monthly. A unique opportunity for tennis players who want to play matches in the Corona times and improve their (college) tennis profiles!

How does the UTR flex league works?
A Flex league is an official UTR competition where you are being placed in a pool of 5 players based on your UTR rating. The intention is that you will play a match against everyone in the pool in a period of 4 or 5 weeks. You agree with your opponent when and where you will play the match and afterwards you can easily enter the scores in your UTR account. Matches will be played at national and regional level, at national you play against the best players and you will play matches all over the Netherlands (we try to take distance into account). At a regional level, you play in your own region, so you never have to travel far for a match. The matches are being played in a format of best of 3, with any third set being a match tiebreaker. The ultimate chance to work on your UTR rating and keep playing matches! The big advantage of the UTR Flex Leagues is that you can play guaranteed matches that also counts for your official UTR rating. Also, you don’t have to go to a tournament location for a sheduled match time and date. As a player, you are always flexible and you play when it suits you and your opponent.

What is UTR?
UTR (Universal Tennis Ratings) is a universal rating system to compare tennis players all over the world. Every tennis player has a rating between 1 and 16,  the higher the better. A lot of college tennis coaches in America are using UTR to estimate the levels of their recruits. But also all professional tennis players have a UTR rating. Rafael Nadal, for example, has a rating of 15.98. Are you going to compete with the world’s best?

What do you have to do to play?

It’s really easy to register for the UTR Flex Leagues! You need to have an UTR account to participate. If you don’t have one yet, you can create your account on this page. You will always receive updates of new scores or adjustments to your rating.

If you have created an account, you can register for the first edition of the UTR Flex Leagues on this event page. You can register for three different categories during the first edition:

  • National Singles League (Adults & Juniors)
    • Costs €35 euro p.p., or € 25 euro with a UTR-power account
  • Regional Singles League (Adults & Juniors)
    • Costs €35 euro p.p., or € 25 euro with a UTR-power account
  • National Doubles League (under 18)
    • Costs €50 for a team., or € 40 euro with a UTR-power account

With a UTR Power account you get a discount for all events, but also insight into many UTR statistics that can be useful to follow your progress.

Pay attention! This Flex League will be played with the National Covid-19 measures from March 2. Any updates or changes to the organization will be shared with the participants.

**UTR Flex Leagues are created to play (practice) matches that officially count towards your UTR Rating. The flexible set up of the league makes it possible to comply with Covid-19 regulations.Players are responsible for planning their (practice) matches and always have to comply with Covid-19 regulations as specified by local authorities and their clubs.**

Are you also participating in the first UTR Flex League in the Netherlands? Register quickly! For questions email to:

Slamstox wishes all participants a lot of fun and success!