This time in our series “What to do when in…” we’re gonne take a look at the sunshine state of Florida! This famous state is located in the southeastern part of America, where you can do many unique activities. Like famous amusement parks and special gardens and of course many beautiful beaches. There are also a lot of beautiful cities to visit such as Miami and Orlando. In short; a lot of things to do and experience in Florida! But where is this state located? Check it out on our Slamstox map below.

Slamstox map

Want to know all about the best sights and activities in Florida? Then read on quickly.

Miami Beach

One of the hotspots in Florida is, of course the city of Miami. When you think of Miami you probably think of the beach directly. Here you can definitely spend a weekend or even your spring break (if you aren’t in season of course). What makes this beach so special is the promenade with her fantastic hotels, restaurants, clubs and all different kind of cool stores. The best time to visit Miami is around March/May, later on it often gets really hot. Miami and its beaches are definitely recommended to blow off some steam during your free time.

Miami Beach – Miami Florida

Jungle Island

Besides the beach and the nightlife, Jungle Island is one of the most popular attractions in Miami. On this little island you can go on an adventure to spot all kinds of (special) animals. Especially after all the renovations in recent years, it has become one of Miami’s best known spots. If you want to go there, be sure to book your tickets on time, it is always crowded. Jungle Island is definitely worth a visit when you are in Miami!

Jungle Island – Miami Florida

Bayside Marketplace – Miami

In the neighbourhood of the other two activities, you can also find Bayside Market. This unique market is located at a small harbor, which creates a wonderful atmosphere. Here you can, for example, spend an evening shopping while enjoying the many cafes and restaurants. Moreover, when you visit the market in the evening there is live music everywhere, an energetic atmosphere to relax and enjoy the view.

Bayside Market – Miami Florida

Miami Dolphins – Miami

For our sportlovers and student-athletes, Miami is also home to some great sports teams. For example, Miami Heat (NBA), Miami Marlins (MLB), Florida Panther (NHL) and the Miami Dolphins (NFL) play their homegames here. If you have the time, we would definitely recommend checking out one of these four teams. The most spectacular of the four, as far as we are concerned, are the Miami Dolphins. With their extraordinary and imposing Hard Rock Stadium, they are able to put on one of the best game experiences in the NFL.

Hard Rock Stadium – Miami Florida

Disney World – Orlando

Orlando is known as the theme park capital of the world. For example, Disney World has no less than four parks in the city: Magic Kingdom, don’t forget to take a picture with the beautiful castle in the background. Besides this famous park, there are also; Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. All these four parks are definitely worth visiting, leave it to Disney to create a unique experience in each park!

Magic Kingdom – Orlando Florida

Universal Studios

Universal is seen as the big competitor of Disney in Orlando, but as far as we are concerned, both parks are definitely worth visiting. If you are more into Harry Potter and Marvel, then you should go to one of Universal’s three parks. Whether you choose Universal Studios, Island of Adventure or Volcano Bay. If you love Harry Potter, you should definitely buy a special Wizarding World ticket to travel on the Hogwards express between Universal and Adventure Island.

Universal Studios – Orlando Florida

Sea World

More into nature and animals? There is enough for you to experience in Orlando as well. With several animal parks, however Sea World is a real outstanding when it comes to thrills and experiences. This park features the various wonders of the sea in action. Like the penguins you can spot in Empire of the Penguins. Also, be sure to go to the Show of the Ocean where you have a special 360-degree view of all the jumping whales and dolphins.

Sea World – Orlando Florida

Kennedey Space Center – Merritt Island

One of the other cool activities in Orlando is the Kennedy Space Center, at Merritt Island. It is located on an island, about an hour’s drive from Orlando. So it’s a perfect option if you want to escape from all the rush in Orlando for a day. You can also interact with astronauts here, visit space shuttles and even perform in astronaut training activities. Furthermore, it is also very educational. You will leave as a true expert of NASA.

Kennedy Space Center – Merrit Island Florida

The Sunken Gardens

One of the most unique activities you can do in Florida is visiting this garden: The Sunken Gardens. There isn’t much garden left, most of them have been literally sunk below sea level by the forces of nature. One of the gardens that has been around for more than a century is this one in Saint Petersburg. Partly because of this, many people say the garden are a real special experience.

The Sunken GardensSaint Petersburg Florida

Dry Tortugas Park

One of the most southern pieces of America is the island where Dry Tortugas Park is located. In fact, this nature reserve is almost up against Cuba. The park has seven small islands surrounded by all kinds of different coral reefs, which you can explore by yourself. One of the most famous islands is Loggerhead Key, where is a magnificent lighthouse and beaches full of turtles! This is also where you can snorkel and scuba dive, at the Windjammer Wreck, for example.

Loggerhead Key – Florida

This was our top ten activities you can do in Florida! Of course, there is much more to do in this sunny state. Do you also like to become a student-athlete in America and maybe even in Florida? Feel free to contact us for more information about combining your sports and studies in America!