The second state in our “What to do when in…” series is New York State! In this series we will show you the best sights and activities of one of the 50 states. As a student-athlete of course you spend a lot of time on sports and studying. But there is enough time to explore the country. Today we will tell you everything about the state New York. Let’s start with where the state is. We’ll point it out to you on the Slamstox map… Check it out below!

USA Map – Slamstox Office

Many people will immediately think of New York City when they think of New York State, but New York State has much more to offer. The state has impressive nature reserves, imposing cities and much more. Curious about what you can do? Then read on quickly!

New York City

New York City is without any doubt the most famous city in New York State. New York is a metropolis and is known as the ‘Big Apple’. This impressive city has a lot of sightseeings that you must see. The imposing Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building are just a few of the many (famous) highlights of New York. Take the subway and discover the city!

New York City skyline

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium is a baseball stadium in the Bronx in New York City and the home of New York Yankees. The stadium can accommodate more than 50 thousand spectators. In addition to baseball games, the stadium can also host soccer and American football games. Opened in 2009, the stadium is one of the most expensive stadiums ever built. While visiting the stadium, you can also book a tour through the stadium to get to know the ins and outs of the Yankee Stadium.

Yankee Stadium

The Plaza Hotel New York

The Plaza – a Fairmont Managed Hotel is an iconic New York City hotel. Since its opening in 1907, the hotel has remained an icon hosting world leaders, dignitaries, Hollywood actors and other famous people from all over the world. But we think the main reason why many people will recognise this hotel is because of the famous Home Alone films, in the second movie main character Kevin McCallister stays in the hotel for a couple of nights. A visit is a nice opportunity to take a closer look at this famous hotel.

The Plaza Hotel New York

The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo in New York City opened its doors in 1899 and is now America’s largest metropolitan zoo, home to more than 10,000 animals, more than 700 different species. Including tigers, elephants, a rhinoceros, several monkey’s and more. The animal enclosures are copied from their natural habitat. The zoo is part of a Wildlife Conference Society program. This program is committed to animal welfare. Every day a large team works to save the habitat and life of (wild) animals.

Ingang Bronx Zoo

Niagara Falls

The impressive Niagara Falls are a real must-see when you’re in New York State. The group of waterfalls forms the natural border between New York and Canada and is one of the biggest falls in the world. The waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. The Niagara Falls are located in a beautiful natural park, which you can enter for free. If you really want to get a good look at the falls, you can book a boat or helicopter tour to have an unique view of the falls.

Horseshoe Falls – Niagara Falls


Rochester is known for its historic buildings. The buildings in the center are mostly dated from the time of the Industrial Revolution, which means that the city still has an industrial appearance nowadays. Today, many advanced technology companies are located in Rochester. But also the appearance of the city already gives enough reason to visit the city and walk through the streets, because where else would you just find a waterfall in the middle of the city?

High Falls in Rochester

The Hamptons

The Hamptons is located on the eastside of Long Island and is known as a summer destination for many affluent New York City residents. We understand why: the Hamptons is characterized by long stretches of beach, an interior with lots of greenery and historic architecture and houses from the 18th century. The Montauk Lighthouse is located in Montauk Point State Park, nearby the Hamptons. This lighthouse was the first in New York State and is the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States. Beautiful sea views are guaranteed from this location.

The Hamptons Montauk

Cliffside Coaster – Adirondack Mountains

The 1932 and 1980 the Winter Olympics were held in Lake Placid. Both years the bobsleigh event was held at Mt. Van Hoevenberg. Nowadays, a real cliffside coaster has been built on this spot. It is the longest mountain coaster in the USA. Thanks to the timing system and audio support, as a visitor you really get the feeling of being an Olympic bobsleigh athlete yourself.

Power House – Boldt Castle

The Power House is part of the Boldt Castle and is located on Heart Island in Alexandria Bay near the Canadian border. In the early 20th century George Boldt let built a beautiful castle for his wife. Sadly enough, his wife died during the construction and the total construction took over 70 years. Today, hordes of tourists visit the castle every year and the Power House is always one of the surprising details of the castle. An important detail you can only reach the castle by boat, so it’s extra nice for a day out.

Power House in Alexandria Bay

A lot of fun things to do and see in New York State. We understand that student-athletes would like to go to New York State. Do you want to become a student-athlete or would you just like more information about sports and studying in America? Feel free to reach out!