This week in our series “What to do when in…” we are going to take a look at the state of Louisiana! The state is located in southern part America and is situated on the Gulf of Mexico. The famous city of New Orleans is located there and is also featured several times. There is something for everyone to do in this state, from New Orleans to the possibility of exploring the cool swamps. In short; plenty to do in Louisiana! But where exactly is this state located? Check it out on our Slamstox map below:

Slamstox map

Want to know all about the best sights and activities in Louisiana? Then read on quickly.

Mardi Gras – New Orleans

Mardi Gras is perhaps one of the most famous festivities in Louisiana. In New Orleans, they celebrate a kind of carnival that is now known worldwide and attracts many tourists every year. It is celebrated every year before Ash Wednesday and 47 days before Easter. In 2023, it will kick off on Tuesday, Feb. 21, and it promises to be huge spectacle. It is a celebration for everyone and you can dress however you want as long as you are wearing something green, purple or gold during the parade. There is a lot of eating and partying during Mardi Gras and in terms of food, this is the best place to be. If you want to be there it is wise to book your accommodation and flight early because it is ussually fullt booked!

Mardi Gras – New Orleans

French Quarter – New Orleans

As the name suggests, this is the French section of the city of New Orleans and is also one of the busiest parts of the city. This historic part still dates back to the time of the French colonial occupation and this can be clearly seen in the architecture, for example. Furthermore, it has since become the place with the best restaurants, bars and stores in the city. The French Quarter is also home to some really cool hotels designed in the old style as shown in the image below. Be sure not to miss anything from The French Quarter while in New Orleans.

French Quarter – New Orleans

National WWII Museum – New Orleans

New Orleans is also, in our opinion, a must visit museum for anyone who wants to learn (more) about America’s history in the second world war. But the National WWII museum is also more than suitable for just the experience. At the museum, you can experience the entire timeline of the war in an interactive way, from the battles in Europe to the beaches of Okinawa and the battle for Midway. You can also try out all kinds of military equipment and take a ride in one of the old vehicles.

The National WWII Museum – New Orleans

Jazz fest – New Orleans

Jazz in Louisiana super popular, for example, in New Orleans you can find a huge number of bars where this genre is played live. In fact, you can find all kinds of Jazz festivals throughout the state. But the place in Louisiana where Jazz is most popular is at almost every bar is in New Orleans. Here is also a huge festival which is usually held in late April or early May. So definitely something to remember if you love Jazz and you have finished all your exams early. If you’re not a fan, it’s also smart to remember these dates, because it can be a tremendously crowded time in New Orleans!

Jazz Fest – New Orleans

Steamboat tour – New Orleans

As you have probably read by now, there is a tremendous amound of activities in New Orleans. In fact, the next outing is a ”Steamboat tour” on an original ship from the 1800s. The unique thing is that these ships are powered by a large rat at the rear. Another fun fact is that live jazz music is always played during the tour. This steamboat travels mostly along the Mississippi River and occasionally docks at swamps where you can spot wild alligators. You can only find this outing in New Orleans, so it is definitely worth it!

Steamboat Natches – Mississippi River

Crawfish Capital of the World

Did you know that 90 percent of all lobsters and crabs come from Louisiana? No wonder you can eat fantastic crab and lobster in almost every restaurant here and other advantage it is not even that hugely expensive in this state. Here it is often steamed together with potato, corn and sometimes certain pieces of meat in the form of a soup and is called Gumball. You end up with a huge plate full of delicious food in front of you, check out the picture below. 

Crawfish Bowl – New Orleans


Louisiana is sometimes called the Home of the Alligator because of the huge number of alligators that live there in the wild. Louisiana has many swamps where they can live in perfect conditions. Especially in the south you can regularly spot an alligator in the wild even though they are actually quite shy. There are also special tours through the swamps where they explain everything about the swamps and everything is done to spot alligators. An adventure we think you should definitely not miss either!

Alligator – Louisiana

Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge

One of the most famous universities in this state also bears its name, Louisiana State University. Apart from being an academically excellent school, they also have fantastic facilities for their student-athletes. They are best known for their American football team the LSU Fighting Tigers. Especially the game against their biggest rival Alabama is definitely one to put on your list when visiting Louisiana. Did you know that LSU Football has the 6th largest stadium in America? Read all about it in our blog about cool American Football facilities.

LSU Football – Louisiana State University

Louisiana’s Creole Heritage Site

Louisiana, like many other southern states in the US, has a big slavery past. At this estate, you can get a glimpse into this old world with the original plantations and associated homes. You will be taken into the story of a family that has lived there for four generations and get a unique insight into their understanding of the plantation’s past. Especially an activity if you are interested in American history, especially if you are in New Orleans, it is only an hour’s drive before you get to the swamp.

Creole Heritage Site

Poverty Point World Heritage Site

In northern part of Louisiana you can visit an archeological area, which was created by one of the first inhabitants of this area. There is a huge piece of pottery which can be linked to a settlement from prehistoric times, it is also on the world heritage list and a museum has been built next to it where explanations are given about the area. Definitely worth a visit. 

Poverty Point World Heritage Site

Would you also like to study and play sports in America or learn more about opportunities to do so specifically in Louisiana? Then feel free to contact us for more information about studying and sports in America!