College Golf – Fun Facts

Golf in the United States - 10 September 2020

Did you know that…

  • Among the top 100 golf players worldwide, 50 of them played College Golf before turning pro?
  • Tiger Woods won the NCAA Division 1 Individual Championship in 1996? He was a student athlete at Stanford at the time!
  • Jack Nicklaus won the NCAA Division 1 Individual Championship in 1961? He was then a student athlete at Ohio State!
  • Two top women’s players, Annika Sorenstam and Grace Park, have also won the NCAA Division 1 Individual Championship?
  • During the school holidays you can still participate in golf tournaments anywhere in the world?
  • Slamstox organizes golf clinics together with Slambassador Lars van Meijel for (future) College Golfers?
  • Slamstox is committed to creating a good collaboration between your current golf coach and your future golf coach in America? That way you develop the best, even during the holidays in your own country!
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