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College Golf - Fun Facts

Did you know that…

  • Among the top 100 golf players worldwide, 50 of them played College Golf before turning pro?
  • Tiger Woods won the NCAA Division 1 Individual Championship in 1996? He was a student athlete at Stanford at the time!
  • Jack Nicklaus won the NCAA Division 1 Individual Championship in 1961? He was then a student athlete at Ohio State!
  • Two top women’s players, Annika Sorenstam and Grace Park, have also won the NCAA Division 1 Individual Championship?
  • During the school holidays you can still participate in golf tournaments anywhere in the world?
  • Slamstox organizes golf clinics together with Slambassador Lars van Meijel for (future) College Golfers?
  • Slamstox is committed to creating a good collaboration between your current golf coach and your future golf coach in America? That way you develop the best, even during the holidays in your own country!

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Career opportunities after College Golf

After four years of golf and studying in college, there are guaranteed to be many opportunities for you, both on and off the golf course. Some of the best college golfers choose professional golf careers while many others start their work careers in the field for which they studied.

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Can I see something about other Slamstox College golf players?

Slamstox Golfers come out for various universities in America, from the west coast to east coast. College Golf is popular all over America!

Check out our list of Slamstox golf players!

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How does College Golf work?

College Golf is probably slightly different from the ‘normal’ golf that you are used to here in the Netherlands. The main difference is that you play golf not only for yourself, but also for the University and the team you are in.

The average team consists of 6-10 golfers, as a team you compete against teams from other universities in the competition or during tournaments. A typical golf tournament consists of 3 rounds of 18 holes.

The rounds are played in groups of 3 or 4 players from different universities who play against each other according to either the ‘shot-gun’ format (everyone starts at a different hole) or the ‘tee-times’ format (everyone starts at the same hole. ).

The scores can also be determined in two different ways: ‘stroke play’ or ‘match play’. In stroke play, every stroke, including the penalty strokes a player needs to complete a specific round, counts towards the final result. You may therefore never pick up the ball in stroke play. In stroke play, the winner of the game is the one who ultimately took the fewest strokes to complete the round.

A match play match is a different type of game form than a stroke play match. In match play, each hole played is a match in itself. The golfer (or duo / team) who has played the fewest strokes (including penalty strokes) on an individual hole has won the hole. For each hole won, the golfer receives 1 point. The golfer who has won the most holes at the end of the round of golf is the winner.

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What about scholarships and College Golf?

Studying at an American university can cost up to $ 65,000 a year! An amount that is unrealistic for almost all students. Therefore, almost all universities with college golf teams offer the option of obtaining both an athletic and academic scholarship.

Slamstox will help you find a scholarship to make your college golf experience affordable. Some student athletes receive a full scholarship, then you can play sports and study in America for free for four years. Other student athletes receive a partial scholarship, then a (large) part of the study costs will be covered.

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What are the athletic requirements for a scholarship in the United States?

The College Golf system is divided into many different divisions, with about 1,300 university teams affiliated. As a result, the level of golf varies enormously: from high-playing amateur golfers in the Netherlands and international top youth to amateurs who play matches at regional level.

Slamstox has helped many different golfers with scholarships at many different levels. Are you curious about the possibilities with for your level of golf? Fill in the form on this page!

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What are the academic requirements for a scholarship?

You must have completed secondary school to play College Golf. Dutch student athletes must have obtained a HAVO or VWO diploma. A completed three-year MBO education often also meets the requirements.

American Universities offer a wide variety of degree programs at many different levels. So as long as you meet the conditions, we will make sure that the perfect match with a university is made for you!

Not sure whether you meet the conditions? Please feel free to contact us!

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What is College Golf in the United States?

More than 1,300 universities in America offer scholarships for boys or girls who want to combine golf and study in America.

Playing College Golf in America is the ideal way to get better at your sport, get stronger both physically and mentally, and make friends with other student athletes from all over the world!

All of this serves as a good start and preparation for your future career: whether on or off the golf course!

Did you know that big names like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Daniel Berger, John ram, Thomas Pieters, Tim Sluiter & Lars van Meijel also played College Golf?

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