How does College track & field work?

Track & Field in the United States - 9 November 2022

College Track and Field is probably slightly different from how you are used to ‘normal’ athletics in the Netherlands. The main difference: you not only perform for yourself, but also for the team and the university! Each team consists of male and female sprinters, long distance runners, hurdlers, throwers (discus and / or javelin), jumpers and all-rounders.

College Track and Field is divided into three seasons: indoor track season (indoor, on a 200-meter course), outdoor track season (outside, on a 400-meter course) and cross country (for long-distance runners).

During each season, teams compete against teams from other universities in various ‘track meets’ (tournaments). At each meeting, athletes are ‘judged’ on basis of individual and team performances. A distinction is made between men and women.

The target? Get as many points as possible for the team! For example, when a sprinter comes first in the 200m sprint, he / she not only has individual points but also 10 points go to the college team. At the end of a tournament, the points come together and a team takes the win. This system ensures that the team spirit is very high and the atmosphere at every tournament is super energetic. The American sports mentality!

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