Can I see anything anywhere about other Slamstox college track & field athletes?

Track & Field in the United States - 2 November 2022

Slamstox has already placed many different track and field athletes at American universities. These athletes include top juniors but also boys and girls who have competed regionally in track & field competitions. From California to Florida to New York, the athletes are spread all over the United States!

One of Slamstox’s most successful track & field athletes is Famke Heinst, a name many track & field athletes will recognize. She left for High Point University in 2017 and began her successful college sports career there. After four years, Famke returned to the Netherlands and then joined the Slamstox team. Currently, Famke is part of the Slamstox team and helps student athletes make the transition to America. You can check out Famke’s story at this video!

Check here the complete list of Slamstox track & field athletes!

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