These questions are specifically written down to explain all the ins and outs of the Covid-19 situation, and their implications on college athletics, in the Netherlands and in the US. Is your question not listed? Check our search function or contact us!

Will my medical expenses in the US be covered?

Yes, every student-athlete going to play sports and study in America is required to have well-covered health insurance. In most cases, you get standard health insurance from the university where you go. This often distinguishes between insurance for sports (training and competitions) and general care. Slamstox can help you put together a good insurance package so that you are always well insured. We also work together with several Dutch insurance companies. Any questions? Contact your own Slamstox coach or send us a message. We are happy to help.

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Are the Covid-19 regulations the same for every university?

The Covid-19 measures vary by university and state. The measures may also change over time. Therefore, always keep a close eye on what the rules are at your university to best protect yourself from the Coronavirus. Do you have any questions about this? Feel free to ask them to us or contact your own university.

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Where can I find information about Covid-19?

You can find more information about Covid-19 on the official U.S. government website. Always make sure you are well informed and aware of relevant information that applies to you. Need help figuring out certain things? We’d be happy to help. Reach out! Or contact your own Slamstox counselor.

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What’s the rule for the extra year of eligibility?

Student-athletes who had started playing sports and studying in America before Corona began have had to end their season early due to Covid-19. As a result, the NCAA granted an additional year of eligibility, or playing eligibility, to these student-athletes. This means that it is possible for many of these student-athletes to spend an extra year playing sports and studying in America, and combining this with, for example, a master’s degree. Are you curious if this applies to you as well? Ask one of our specialists!

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Vaccination certificates

For student-athletes, having a vaccination certificate is necessary to travel to America. In most cases, Dutch residents can easily retrieve it in the CoronaCheck-app, but some situations differ. We have been informed by the central government and provide answers to several possible scenarios.

So do you recognize yourself in any of the situations below? Then quickly read matching answers.

1. I was vaccinated abroad and was not given a vaccination certificate there.

If you are an EU citizen vaccinated within the European Union, you have the right to a DCC from the country in which you were vaccinated.

But have you been vaccinated outside the EU? And you don’t have proof of that? Then you cannot apply for a vaccination certificate in the Netherlands. You can get a “corona proof” in the form of a test or a recovery certificate, however, this is not sufficient to travel to the United States.

2. I am fully vaccinated in a non-EU country (such as America)

Are you Dutch or living in the Netherlands? And have you been fully vaccinated in a country outside the EU? Then you can have your vaccination registered in the Netherlands. This way you can get a corona certificate for your foreign vaccination that is valid in the Netherlands and the European Union. You can then upload. this corona certificate in coronacheck.

You can make an appointment for this by calling 030 – 8002899. There are counters in Utrecht, Groningen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Enschede. You will receive the address in the appointment confirmation. For this appointment you need to bring the following documents:

  • Id. The information on the ID must be the same as the information on the vaccination certificate.
  • A piece of evidence that has your BSN number on it. This is not necessary if your BSN number is on the ID.
  • The vaccination certificate you received in the country where you received the vaccination. The vaccination certificate must meet the requirements for vaccination certificates.

3. The country where I live does not recognize my vaccination (with EMA-approved vaccine).

Dutch vaccination recognized in all EU countries

All EU countries must accept vaccines approved by the EMA. Even if an EU country has not used that vaccine itself.

Recognition of vaccination in non-EU country

The Netherlands has no influence on the requirements of non-EU countries for vaccinations and vaccination certificates.

4. I got a first shot in another country.

Did you get your 1st shot in another country? Then you can get your 2nd shot in the Netherlands if you live in the Netherlands or have Dutch nationality. You can tell the GGD that you had your first shot abroad. You can then pick up your vaccination certificate via CoronaCheck.

5. I got the first prick in the Netherlands and the second one abroad.

Did you receive your 2nd shot outside the EU? Then it is not yet possible to make a corona proof in the CoronaCheck with a registered foreign vaccination. Did you receive your 2nd shot within the EU? Then the country that vaccinated you will give you a corona certificate (Digital Corona Certificate).

6. I have been fully vaccinated with a vaccine not approved by EMA.

You cannot then create a vaccination certificate using the CoronaCheck app or website if you have been vaccinated with an unapproved vaccine. You can contact GGD Medical Information Line Vaccination: 088 767 40 80. The medical advisors will inform you whether you are eligible for additional vaccination. And make sure you can then make an appointment immediately.

Did this FAQ still not answer your question? Then check the central government website again or contact us.

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Is it possible to travel to the United States?

It is possible for tourists to travel to America. Please note that only fully vaccinated people are allowed to travel to America. Below you can read more about all the conditions you must meet to travel to the United States.

For your journey to America:

  • You must be fully vaccinated: this means at least 14 days after the last vaccination. All vaccines used in the Netherlands are accepted in America.

During your journey to America:

Wearing mouth guards is no longer mandatory in America. Also, there is no mandatory 1.5-meter “social distancing” in effect. After your arrival in America, there is currently no quarantine requirement. You can find the latest information on Covid-19 on the U.S. government website.

Returning from America:

No separate measures currently apply if you are traveling back to the Netherlands from the United States.

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Can I still be a student-athlete in the US despite Covid-19?

Yes, student-athletes are still able to go to school and compete during the Covid-19 pandemic. Every state, every competition and every university set up its own rules for following in-person classes and playing official games. In addition, there are special rules to make sure practices are safely held. Are you worried about your safety or would you like to talk to us? Feel free to reach out.

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Is the SAT or ACT test still required with Covid-19?

The SAT or ACT is needed for every incoming freshman student-athlete, for acceptance at your university and the NCAA. Due to Covid-19, the NCAA has changed their requirements. For the NCAA, it’s not mandatory anymore to file an SAT score for all 2020, 2021 and 2022 incoming classes. Many universities have adopted that rule as well. Therefore, for many universities an SAT or ACT test is not required anymore to get accepted into a school. However, for some schools it still is a requirement. Also, with a high SAT or ACT score it’s possible to earn extra academic scholarships. Summarized, in many cases it’s not mandatory to take the test, but still smart to take it for extra admissions chances and scholarship opportunities!

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Can I still plan a recruiting trip despite Covid-19?

A recruiting trip is an official visit to a university that has shown interest in recruiting you as a student-athlete. Due to Covid-19, planning official recruiting trips wasn’t allowed. Since the end of 2021, recruiting trips can be planned again if you are vaccinated.

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Can I get vaccinated in the US?

Yes, many of our Slamstox student-athletes in the US have already been vaccinated. Within many universities it is possible to get vaccinated, no matter your nationality.

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Are spectators allowed to watch College games?

Depending on the rules of your specific university, spectators can watch College games during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many schools already allow spectators to attend games. This obviously makes playing much more fun! This video shows how we would love for games to look like soon!

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Is it possible to travel to the United States as a student-athlete?

Yes, this is possible. To travel to the US as a student-athlete you need a student visa. Applying for a visa is part of the Slamstox process. As part of your visa application, we can apply for an exception for you to travel into the country. Do you need help with this? Reach out!

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Is college athletics still safe with Covid-19?

Nearly all universities have strict rules and regulations to make sure college athletics is played safely. Many of our student-athletes are tested for Covid-19 on a weekly basis and must comply with local rules. University campuses do everything they can to minimize the number of Covid-19 infections within their community.

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Are games being played during Covid-19?

Yes, many games are being played despite the Coronavirus situation. College athletics has a huge impact on universities, its marketing, and its financials. That’s why schools do everything they can to make sure games can be played. Most teams tend to travel a bit less during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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