Play college golf and study in the USA

There are over 1,300 universities in the U.S. that offer golf scholarships to ambitious golf players. The level of college golf varies from the highest ranked Amateur golf players to regional amateur golf players that have the ambition to further develop as a player. College golf has been the perfect road to a professional career at the highest level for several decades!

Career opportunities

Over the last few decades, college golf has produced an enormous amount of players that turned into successful professionals. A few recent examples are Deniel Berger, John Rahm, Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Thomas Pieters, Tim Sluiter and Thomas Detry. A recent Dutch example is Lars van Meijel. Lars graduated from the University of Memphis in 2016 and qualified for the Challenge tour in 2017. Lars is also our Slambassador!

Other examples of professional golfers that have been in college are: Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Ricky Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Zach Johnson and Brooks Koupka.



To get accepted into an American university as a golf player, you need a high school diploma. Depending on your diploma, grades, and test scores on the SAT and TOEFL, we can find the right university that fits your academic level. The level of golf is divided within a variety of divisions and conferences. Based on your results, rankings, tournament play and ambitions we will help you to find the college golf team that suits you best.


Athletic Scholarships

Studying at an American university can cost up to $65,000 per year. Slamstox helps student-athletes by finding them scholarships to cover these costs. Combining sports and studies at a university in the United States is getting more popular every year, it offers great opportunities and prepares you for a successful career.

The Slamstox network consists of more than 30,000 American college coaches. We help and guide talented athletes through the complete process, in order for them to fully develop their athletic and academic skills in an international and competitive environment.

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Slamstox Helps

With a team of 8 experienced (ex) student-athletes we help our golfers and their parents during the complete process. Our team member Rob van de Vin and Slambassador Lars van Meijel have played college golf at the highest level. Together with our other team members, they help golf players to find a golf team and a university that perfectly fits their ambitions.

Tiger 2

HIGHLIGHTS college golf

  • Traveling with an international team and playing on the most beautiful golf courses.
  • The best amateur players in the world play in the same tournaments and competitions.
  • Fully develop yourself while using state-of-the-art facilities and obtaining a high level degree
  • Optimally prepare yourself for a professional career.
  • You will get the opportunity to play tournaments during the summer months in Europe.
  • Out of the current 100 players in the world, 56 have played college golf before they turned professional.

Slambassador Lars van Meijel

Lars van Meijel has played 4 years of college golf for the University of Memphis before turning professional in 2016. In 2017, he qualified for the Challenge tour. Lars is a perfect example for aspiring professionals that are interested in playing college golf. Together with Lars, we organize clinics and promotional days for American coaches.

More about Lars

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