Sports: Men’s Tennis
Entry semester: Fall 2022

In this article, we are going to tell you more about our student-athlete Casper Otten, down below you can read about him and also find a video where he introduces himself.

18 year old Casper lives in Oestgeest, near Amsterdam. As a child he always wanted to be active with a ball, which is why he started playing soccer at age 6 and tennis at age 8. From the age of 11 he started focusing on tennis only and took both private and group classes. From the age of 16 he started training full time to get better and to start a good preparation for college tennis.

Perseverance, one of Casper’s best qualities. The goal of reaching college tennis in America was a nice goal for him that served as motivation for the past few years. This clearly took him to a higher level: he played 8 different tournaments of which he took the title home in 5. His perseverance is not only reflected on the track but also in everything around it, he pays attention to the mental and physical aspect, his diet and is also involved in breathing exercises.

His big goal for the US is to go for the maximum achievable: work hard and win a championship. But Casper also wants to work hard academically and get the best grades. He likes to share his dedication and knowledge with others in order to get the team to a higher level.

“I hope to find a coach and team who want to share their wisdom with me, in order to reach a higher level together. I’m ready!”

Casper Otten

Want to see more of Casper? Check out the video below where he introduces himself.

Use this link to check out Casper’s recruiting video and go to his players profile here on our website.