In this article we tell you more about student-athlete Maud van Kempen, in addition, at the bottom of this article you will find the video in which Maud tells more about herself.

Sports: Diving
Entry semester: Fall 2024

17-year-old Maud van Kempen from Eindhoven has been diving since she was 7 years old. Her father dived in his younger years and Maud followed in his footsteps. After some trial lessons, she quickly moved on to the talent team and started training three times a week. Nowadays she trains nine times a week and still finds it a fantastic sport.

Maud is always a very enthusiastic and happy person when she feels comfortable with someone. She can be a bit quieter and more reserved with strangers, but she will quickly open up. She is a people pleaser and always wants the best for her teammates without losing focus on herself.

Improvement and achievement. That’s what Maud wants to achieve in the USA. With diving, she wants to improve herself, learn new things, and compete in many competitions. Her ultimate dream is to participate in the Olympics in a few years. But school is no less important. Good grades are important to her and she will do everything she can to achieve them. But above all, she wants to have the time of her life.

“I am a joyful person, and will always help my teammates, both in sports and in school.”

Maud van Kempen

Would you like to see more about Maud? Check out the video below where she introduces herself!