In this article, you will learn more about student-athlete Bente van Milligen. At the bottom, you can watch an introductory video in which Bente tells a bit more about herself.

Sports: Women’s Track & Field
Entry semester: Fall 2025

14-year-old Bente van Milligen lives in Ugchelen and has been practicing athletics since she was 11 years old. After just one year, Bente was scouted for a selective talent group during a cross country run organized by her middle school. This talent group mainly focuses on long distance runs. At a young age, Bente went through a major growth spurt after which she decided to focus on long distances. After this decision, she immediately managed to finish 3rd at the national championship.

Bente is a true go-getter who never gives up on her goals, even when things don’t go as planned. She is a real team player and will always be there to encourage her teammates. In addition, she is also super helpful and eager to help others as soon as she can. Bente is very social and is easy to talk to, a trait that comes out very well in a large track and field team.

Her ultimate goal in America is to compete in an NCAA championship as well as capture a national title with her university.

”I’m looking forward to enroll in a strong track & field team in the Fall of 2025. I hope to see you then!”

Bente van Milligen

Want to see more from Bente? Then watch her introductory video below.