In this article, we tell you more about student-athlete Cheyenne Houkes, in addition, at the bottom of this article you will find the video in which Cheyenne tells a little more about herself.

Sports: Women’s Tennis
Entry semester: Fall 2023

19-year-old Cheyenne Houkes hails from one of the southernmost places in the country, Roermond. She started playing tennis through her father, as her father used to be an avid tennis player as well. She currently plays tennis for six years, four of which she played in Roermond, since two years she plays in Eindhoven at Amjoy Tennis.

As a person, Cheyenne is a very cheerful and enthusiastic person who loves being with family and friends, which is one of the things she gets a lot of joy from. Cheyenne finds that as a person, she can also be very good alone, but always prefers the presence of family and friends. As an athlete, Cheyenne is a real go-getter, if she wants to achieve something she will do anything to achieve it.

In America, Cheyenne especially wants to gain a lot of match experience and thereby improve her own tennis skills. Her ultimate goal is to eventually play Grand Slams. Besides her sporting ambitions, she is also very motivated academically and will do everything she can to complete a good study while in America. She also very much wants to travel and see a lot of the world!

”My life goal is to get as high as possible in tennis and eventually play Grand Slams.”

Cheyenne Houkes

Would you like to see more about Cheyenne? Then check out the video below where she introduces herself.