In this article, we will tell you more about student-athlete Ties Cornelissen, in addition, at the bottom of this article you will find the video in which Ties tells a bit more about himself.

Sports: Men’s Volleyball
Entry semester: Fall 2023

20-year-old Ties Cornelissen comes from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, with a height of no less than 6’6 he is quite an asset to any volleyball team. Ties also played tennis and soccer but decided to play volleyball at the age of 8, this is because he comes from a real volleyball family. His mother, father and brother all played volleyball, so it was a logical step for Ties to start playing volleyball as well.

Ties himself is a very quiet and social boy who likes to talk to friends, family and other people. He radiates calmness and is very easy to coach, he can handle stress and his emotions very well. A quality he benefits from very much while playing volleyball.

In America, Ties would like to further develop his own volleyball skills while obtaining a good degree. His ultimate dream as a volleyball player is to play in the Italian volleyball league. This is because Italy is his favorite country and Italy has one of the best volleyball leagues in the world.

”Because I am really social person and a team player I believe I can keep the team spirit high.”

Ties Cornelissen

Would you like to see more about Ties? Then check out the video below where he introduces himself.