In this article, we provide more information about student-athlete Corneel Veringmeier. Additionally, you will find at the bottom of this article the video in which Corneel talks more about himself.

Sports: Men’s Tennis

Entry semester: Fall 2025

At the age of 16, Corneel started playing tennis at a young age and immediately fell in love with the sport. Corneel is a very loyal and social person and is not afraid to meet new people.

On the court, Corneel is highly coachable and will always go the extra mile to deliver the best performances. He is a true team player, giving his all for the team and striving to bring out the best in everyone. Ultimately, he hopes to make it to the point where he can become a professional tennis player.

In America, Corneel hopes to meet many new people, gain a lot of new experiences, and of course, to develop himself both in tennis and personally.

“I am always putting in the extra work”
Croneel Veringmeier

Would you like to see more of Corneel? Watch the video below where he introduces himself.