In this article, we will tell you more about student-athlete Floriènne Bosdijk. Furthermore, at the bottom of this article, you will find the video in which Floriènne shares more about herself.

Sports: Field Hockey

Entry semester: Fall 2025

The 16-year-old Floriènne Bosdijk lives in Eindhoven and has been playing hockey since she was six years old. She has always played in the first teams at HC Eindhoven, but this year she has decided to join a different team to take on a new challenge.

Floriènne is very social and helpful. She always wants the people around her to do well, making her a true team player. On the field, she willingly takes on a coaching role. Furthermore, Floriènne possesses a true winning mentality and a significant amount of perseverance. She wants to use her perseverance and helpfulness to assist the team in achieving the best results.

In America, Floriènne wants to improve her hockey skills by training every day. Additionally, she values obtaining a diploma and mastering the language. Her focus is now entirely on America, and during her time there, she will discover what her goals are afterward.

‘’What makes me special as a hockey player is that I coach my teammates very well so that we can win the game. I really have a winning mentality, I want to win every match’’

Floriènne Bosdijk

Would you like to see more of Floriènne? Watch the video below in which she introduces herself.