In this article, we will tell you more about student-athlete James Versteege. Furthermore, at the bottom of this article, you will find the video in which James shares more about himself.

Sports: Volleyball

Entry semester: Fall 2024

James Versteege is 18 years old and lives in Zandvoort. Until he was sixteen, he played hockey, but he realized that it wasn’t his true passion. After watching a volleyball match between America and Brazil, he immediately knew that he had to start playing volleyball. This sport also suits his height perfectly, as James is 6’6 tall!

As a person, James is a calm and sociable young man who always strives to make the best of situations. He continuously works on self-improvement. In sports, James is a quick learner and can rapidly apply newly acquired skills to his game. Furthermore, he is highly motivated to be the best player he can be.

In America, James aims to achieve the best results with his team and strive for a national championship. Outside of sports, he also wants to excel academically and earn his bachelor’s degree in psychology. His life goal is to become a professional volleyball player, and if that doesn’t work out, he would like to help people in some capacity. James’s passion for helping others makes him a perfect team player, and he will undoubtedly contribute positively to his future team.

‘’I’m also driven to become the best version of myself and I do this in any way possible, like comparing professional footage to my own footage’’

James Versteege

Would you like to see more of James? Watch the video below in which he introduces himself.