In this article, we will tell you more about student-athlete Loïs Tsui. Furthermore, at the bottom of this article, you will find the video in which Loïs shares more about herself.

Sports: Tennis

Entry semester: Spring 2024

Loïs Tsui is 19 years old and lives in Amsterdam. She started playing tennis when she was eight years old. Her interest in tennis was sparked by her older brothers who also played tennis. When Loïs finished her swimming lessons, her parents finally allowed her to start playing tennis.

In her daily life, Loïs is a very patient and social person. She gets along well with others and easily makes friends and engages in conversation. In sports, Loïs is highly motivated and always gives her all on the field. Furthermore, Loïs is a quick learner who readily absorbs feedback from her coaches.

During her time in the US, Loïs aims to develop herself both as a student and as an athlete to the best of her ability. Furthermore, Loïs looks forward to her future team and is determined to give her all to achieve the best results with her team.

‘’On court I always try to push myself to get the most out of it.’’

Loïs Tsui

Would you like to see more of Loïs? Watch the video below in which she introduces herself.