This week we are going to put a university in the spotlight of two of our student-athletes: Lindenwood University. In 2020, Immy van Teeffelen has fought for its Field Hockey team and this summer, Track & Field athlete Kira van der Ham put on the Lindenwood jersey!

Immy has played for the Lindenwood field hockey team for one year. She has worn the LU black and gold colors with pride. This past summer, our second Slamstox-athlete joined the LU Lions. Kira started with Track & Field when she was 8 years old and has been in love with her sport ever since. From now on, she is sharing her passion with the Lindenwood Lions’ fans. Her favorite event is pole vault. In 2016 and 2017 she became Dutch national champion and currently, she is in third place of the U20 rankings. Kira is working hard  to get even better results. 

Quite often, the name of an American university gives away it’s location. Think of: the University of Arizon or the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). This is not the case for Lindenwood University. So, we will show you on the Slamstox map! Look below!

Can you guess in which state and city it is? Do you want to know the answer and get more information about Kira’s university? We are going to tell you all about it below!


Lindenwood University lies in the centre of Saint Chalres, Missouri. As you can see on the Slamstox map, a few of our athletes are quite near Kira on other schools. They can pay each other a visit sometime! Lindenwood University is a private school, established in 1827. Nowadays, there is a beautiful combination of 19th century buildings and a more modern look. See the picture below!

The J. Scheidegger Center – Lindenwood University

The East of the vampus mainly has historical, academic buildings. In the West, you can find Harlen C. Huner Stadium. With 7450 seats, it is the campus’ biggest stadium. 6 Different sports teams play their matches on this field, so there is something to see all the time! If you go North from here, you arrive at Robert F. Hyland Performance Arena. This is the 3270 seat indoor arena, where the basketball, volleyball and some other student athletes get to play their games. You can find a great overview of the Lindenwood University buildings on the campus map.

The university has come up with something that lets you experience the real campus feeling: a virtual campus tour. It lets you discover all the buildings, history and everything that you can do on campus. We can tell you much more about it, but the virtual tour give you the best experience of the campus. Click here to follow the tour!

Do you already feel at home on a campus and do you also want to become a student-athlete at an American university?


The LU Lions have 44 athletic programs, with 1300 student-athletes. They play these sports in alle three NCAA divisions, mainly in Division II. In the last 6 years, the university has won 39 national championships! Besides the sport that are in the NCAA competition, the university has Student Life Sports. You could say that these sports are a bit more alternative. Think of bowling, archery, dance, skeet shooting and e-sports. You might not have heard about roller hockey, for example. It is like ice hockey, but on wheels. The LU Lions roller hockey team has been very successful and has won 10 national titles over the last 15 years! That is so much!

Roller Hockey – Lindenwood University

The LU college sports program has grown a lot over the last few years. They used to offer only a few sports, but nowadays they have one of the biggest Athletic Departments in the country. Currently, the university offers 12 men’s sports and 15 women’s sports. Additionally, they have 14 Student Life Sports, who get to wear the black & gold LU Lions jersey. 

The video below shows what it means to be a LU Lion. 

Just as any other American university, Lindenwood university want to bring out the best in its student (athletes). To achieve this, they have a clear mission statement:

“It is the mission of intercollegiate sports at Lindenwood University to advance learning, enliven campus life, develop leadership skills, and foster the personal growth of the student athlete through offering a high quality athletics program.”


Lindenwood University has a broad offer of Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees. This offer varies from an education in the Arts to Technology. With more than 100 Majors, you will have enough to choose from! You can take a look at the academics website of Lindenwood University, to see all undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and minors. 

There is more than enough guidance for the students. The student-faculty ratio is better than the American average of 16:1. Lindenwood University can be proud of its 13:1 ratio and an average class size of 25 students. As a LU Lion, you can achieve great results in academics as well as in sports and eventually collect your diploma as a student-athlete. 

Do you want to see a little more of the student life at Lindenwood University? In the video below, you can see anything you encounter in the real life of a Lindenwood Lion. 

That was the end of this week’s University Spotlight. Hopefully you have had a good impression of Lindenwood University! Do you think right now: “hey, this seems really cool to be a student-athlete at an American university!”? Get in contact met ons op en dan kunnen we eens kennismaken!