New Tuesday, new University Spotlight! This week you can read more about Midland University. A beautiful university located in Nebraska where Slamstox student athlete Tycho Janssen has recently joined the tennis team!

In July this year, Tycho signed with Midland, making him part of the ‘Midland Warriors’ only recently. Why did he choose this university? You can read that below:

‘I chose this university because I really enjoyed my conversations with the coach. Also, I did get a good feeling about the tennis program and I think Midland is the place where I can make a lot of progression.’

Tycho Janssen – Student-athlete

And there’s more: Slamstox student-athlete Wendy van Nes is joining Midland University as well! She leaves next month to the USA!

Want to know more about Tycho’s and Wendy’s new home? You can read about it in this article!

The Campus

Midland University is located in Fremont, Nebraska. It is a ‘private university’ with about 1400 students. From 1962 to 2010, the university was known as ‘Midland Lutheran College’ and, like many other American universities, is affiliated with the ‘Evangelical Lutheran Church’. But MU’s origins go beyond 1962, as it was founded in 1883 as ‘Luther Academy’, then located in Wahoo, Nebraska. In 1919 the university moved to its current location in Fremont.

Nebraska is located in the north of the center of the USA. Fremont is located in the east of the state of Nebraska, close to the state of Iowa. It is a small town with about 25,000 inhabitants. Throughout the year the temperatures are on average between 10 and 20 degrees. No extreme cold, no extreme heat. Sounds like a deal Tycho & Wendy!

Besides beautiful school buildings, there are of course also a number of beautiful sports facilities on the campus of Midland University. As a home base for the Warriors, they aim to provide the best possible for the student athletes. One of the larger stadiums on campus is the Wikert Event Center, where basketball, volleyball and dance competitions are held. There is room for 2000 spectators. See the stadium in the picture below!

Besides the Wikert stadion there’s way more beautiful stuff on the campus! So do you want to see more? Check out this video made by MU!


MU’s athletic teams are called the ‘Midland Warriors’ and are active in the ‘Great Plains Athletic Conference’ (GPAC) within the NAIA. The university colors are navy blue and orange!

The Midland Warriors consist of many varsity teams, with 15 women’s and 14 men’s sports! There is also a women’s team for Flag football, Powerlifting and Wrestling: sports that are certainly not practiced at every university. Besides the varsity teams, ‘Coed Sports’ are also available at the university. This is where the teams consist of mixed boys and girls. Cheer, Dance, E-sports and Shotgun sports are MU’s coed sports.

Shotgun sports ?! Yes, you read that right. The students of MU can also participate in shooting. In 2019 they even won the ‘Upper Mid-West Conference Title’. You can see a picture of the shotgun sports below. Looks cool right?

Besides shotgun sports, e-sports are another special part of the university. E-sports are growing within American universities. In 2019, after months of preparation, a new concept was brought to life when the NECC (New England Collegiate Conference) kicked off its first esports season. The NECC saw the increase in popularity within esports and decided to sponsor this competition. The e-sports warriors are members of this conference and participate in major competitions every year!

For Tycho, things are a bit different now, but despite Corona, the Warriors tennis season has started this year! The season started in September at the Great Plains Athletics Conference Single and Doubles Tournament. There, Tycho as Freshmen already had success: in the B series he won the championship game. View a photo of (part of) the team below. Let’s go warriors!


The university offers about 30 different bachelor’s degrees and a number of different master’s degrees. The most followed master’s program is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). Curious if your major is offered as well? Check this list!

And did you know that…

  • 95% of the graduated students at MU are offered a full-time job within 6 months?
  • 62% of all students stays at the campus?
  • The average GPA of all students is 3.26?
  • 56.3% of all students are female?

Do you, just like Tycho, want to become a student-athlete in the USA? Or do you want some more information? Reach out!