NC State: Slamstox swimmer Nyls Korstanje‘s new home. Nyls, who recently won the ACC Championships at the 50 & 100 meter free event, is one of NC State’s 36 thousand students.

“What I like most about NC State is the team culture. Representing something greater than yourself brings out the best in you.”  

Said Nyls Korstanje, who also won the 2020 ACC Swim & Dive Team Championship.

When choosing a university, certain factors play a role in your decision. Athletics and academics are obviously the most important two. However, there are also other aspects you should take into consideration. Read this article to find out more about NC State’s campus, traditions, student life and more.


Quick Facts

NC State is a member of the NCAA and plays at the highest level: NCAA Division 1. All teams compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). NC State teams are known as “The Wolfpack,” a name that originated after a fan of another university exclaimed that NC State fans stand behind their teams as a pack of wolves. As a result, the university’s mascottes, Mr. And Mrs. Wuf, came to be. The two mascottes “got married” on the NC State campus in 1981 – this is not a joke.

‘Tobacco Road Rivalry’

“Tobacco Road” refers to a region in North Carolina which use to be home to the largest tobacco producer in the United States. Now, however, the region is not associated with tobacco, but with one of the biggest college sports rivalries in the country: those between North Carolina State, Wake Forest University, Duke University and the University of Carolina (Chapel Hill). Whenever any of NC State’s sports teams plays against one of those universities, fans show up in their university colors and the atmosphere is electric. The rivalry is, of course, best felt in NC State’s American Football Carter-Finley Stadium, which has a capacity of nearly 60,000 fans.


Men’s sports: baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, rifle, soccer, swimming and jumping, tennis, track & field and wrestling.

Women’s sports: basketball, cross country, golf, gymnastics, rifle, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track & field and volleyball.

Want to learn more about NC State’s sports programs? Please click here.


According to the US News College Rankings, NC State is among the top 100 universities in the United States. On average, the student-faculty ratio is 14:1, and about 35% of all lectures are made up of fewer than 20 students. The university offers a wide range of studies at bachelor and master level. The largest and most popular studies are engineering, business management, biotechnology and agriculture. Check out NC State’s academic website to see whether your desired major is offered.

The Campus

College campuses in the United States are often very large and include impressive facilities and opportunities for fun activities. Besides offering top-notch housing, NC State also is home to sports and wellness centers and recreation areas.

Sports and recreation

Apart from NC State’s 23 Division 1 Teams, the university also offers 70 other sports programs for its regular students as well as two wellness and recreation centers. At these centers, students can participate in indoor and outdoor fitness activities and relax. In addition, the university offers outdoor activities which takes students on trips in North Carolina to discover its landscape while being active and healthy. Are you interested to find out more about NC State’s sports offerings and facilities? Click here.

Art, Creativity and Related Activities

NC State isn’t only accommodating for people who enjoy sports, it is also a place where students can express and discover their creative side. With over one hundred students enrolled in its prestigious arts program, the university offers different opportunities to express your creativity in all ways possible. And it’s not only the art students who benefit. Regular students who aren’t enrolled in the arts program can attend live (music) performances and visit the campus arts museum. Lastly, NC State organizes the largest fashion show in the southeastern states: ART2WEAR.

Restaurants and cafés

As most university campuses, NC State offers plenty options for food consumption. From vegan to international cuisine, the campus has it all. Besides the large student dining halls, the campus is also home to several small food cafes and food cafes where students can order meals-to-g0, for example for when they are running from sports practice to class. Over a quarter of all the food comes from within North Carolina. Check out this link to discover 9 meals and drinks you didn’t know you could get at the NC State campus. 

Other student-life stats

  • NC State’s undergraduate student population is 22,408. Its total student population is 35,479
  • 38% of the students live on campus
  • NC State offers over 100 majors
  • Apple COO Jeff Williams studied at NC State
  • Former Superbowl winner Russell Wilson also attended NC State
  • Famous NBA basketball player T.J. Warren was a NC State student-athlete and won ‘ACC Player of the Year’ in 2014


Free expression tunnel

A tunnel filled with graffiti and other paintings runs through the center of the campus. The tunnel is a place where students can express their thoughts and feelings, which could range from wishing someone a happy birthday to announcing a student organization meeting. During major sports competitions, the tunnel is used to hype up the sports teams. Because the tunnel is painted daily, the tunnel never looks the same.

Krispy Kreme Challenge

This challenge was conceived in 2004 by a number of university students. The idea is to go to the nearest Krispy Kreme (a donut cafe), pick up twelve eggs, and eat those within an hour on your way back to campus. Proceeds from this event all go to the North Carolina Children’s Hospital. You are not obliged to participate – register as a supporter or volunteer is also possible.

Howling Cow Ice Cream

Every year, the university’s milk farm produces over 50,000 liters of milk. The farm is originally intended for research, but since it produces so much milk, it is also put to other use: home-made ice cream. The ice cream is available at different places throughout NC State’s campus.

The Red and White Song

It isn’t hard to guess the university colors when you read the title “The Red and White Song”. The colors were chosen in November 1885 and are still prominent within the university’s culture.

The Red and White Song

“We’re the Red and White from State

And we know we are the best.

A hand behind our back,

We can take on all the rest.

Come over the hill, Caroline.

Devils and Deacs stand in line.

The Red and White from NC State.

— Go State!!”

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