This month, in our University Spotlight, we focus on Southern Methodist University in Dallas, founded on April 17, 1912. The school is home to nearly 12,000 students and ranked in the top 20% of American universities in 2022.

Read below to learn more about what the Mustangs and the university have to offer.


SMU will make a transition to the Atlantic Coast Conference for all sports starting in July 2024, something they are very proud of. They compete in NCAA Division I. The sports facilitated by the Mustangs (the sports teams of SMU) include basketball, American football, equestrian, soccer, golf, rowing, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

The sports facilities of the programs are impressive. For instance, the American football stadium has a capacity of 32,000, which is almost as large as the Philips Stadion! Additionally, since 2022, an ATP tournament has been organized in the Altec Tennis Complex in Dallas. The SMU tennis teams even practice here throughout the year! The ATP tournament is being held this week. Adem Neff, a student at SMU, has received a wildcard entry into the main tournament.

Our own soccer manager Bram Kaarsgaren was the goalkeeper for the Mustangs’ soccer team in 2022-2023!


The location of the SMU campus is certainly one of the university’s highlights. Situated on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas, you can already see the skyline of this metropolis from the campus. Moreover, cities like Houston and Oklahoma City are relatively nearby.

In Dallas itself, there is plenty to do, with numerous parks, museums, and sports events to visit. In 2026, you can even attend multiple FIFA World Cup matches if the World Cup takes place there.

You certainly don’t have to leave the campus to have a great time. The university organizes over 400 events annually. Plus, with plenty of green spaces on the campus, there are ample opportunities for activities like picnicking, especially during the spring.


In addition to its many sports teams, Southern Methodist University offers a wide range of study programs. Some of the most popular studies at the university include:

  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Sport and fitness management

The majority of students live on campus during their studies, and the sense of community is something that many students consider a positive aspect.

Who knows, you might find yourself walking around here soon, or at one of the other universities in America! If you want to learn more about the various universities and/or combining studying and sports in America, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you further!