This week we again take a look at a new university, and that is the university of our swimmer Raf Hendriks! Half a year ago Raf already did an insta take-over in which he showed more of his life as a student-athlete.

In 2019, he received his high school diploma at Stella Maris College. That same year, he also achieved silver twice in both the 100m and 200m backstroke! Before Raf left for the USA, he trained at ZC Valkenburg and later at Hellas-Glana in Geleen. At the end of 2019, Raf received the sports prize in Valkenburg.

In the fall of 2020 Raf left for America, before his adventure as a student-athlete started, he posted the following text on his Instagram:

“Finally I may announce my commitment and transfer to St. Cloud State University for the Fall of 2020. Beyond exited, happy and thankful for this opportunity to continue both my athletic and academic career at SCSU in Minnesota! #AllAsideHuskyPride”

Raf Hendriks – Student-athlete

Do you want to know more about Raf’s university? Keep on scrolling!


St. Cloud State is a public university. Every year, approximately 16,000 students study at the university, which means that the university has more than 120,000 alumni worldwide! The campus is located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Minnesota is located in the north of the US, close to Canada. The picture below shows a part of Raf’s campus!

St. Cloud State Camps – Minnesota

The student-athlete group on St. Cloud are called the “Huskies.” And just like other universities, St. Cloud wants to do everything it can to take the best care of the student-athletes. And that … includes beautiful facilities! Below we show a number of them.

Herb Brooks National Hockey Center – the name of the beautiful ice hockey stadium at the university. St. Cloud State is known for its good Ice Hockey teams, both competing in Division I. More than 5000 fans can enjoy the Huskies at the same time in the stadium! That’s cool right?

Herb Brooks National Hockey Center – St. Cloud State Univesity

Halenbeck Hall – This is the largest indoor hall where various sports are played: volleyball, wrestling and basketball. There is seating for about 6,500 fans. A photo of the stadium, with its mega shiny floor, can be seen below. Would you like to play a match here?!

Halenbeck Hall – St. Cloud State University

Halenbeck Hall Aquatic Center – this is the place where Raf can often be found. This is where the male and female swimming and diving teams train. You can see the photo of the facility below. There is seating for 500 spectators on the sides, there is a live score board, a nice surround sound system and much more: professionalism at its best! Sounds good Raf ..!

Halenbeck Hall Aquatic Center – St. Cloud State University

Besides the above facilities, there is of course a lot more to be found on campus. With 16 different varsity teams, you can imagine there are even more great athletic facilities to be found. Do you want to check them out ? Then visit the facilities on the athletic website!

Haven’t seen enough of the university yet? In the video below you can see how beautiful the campus of St. Cloud State is!


The huskies, that’s the nickname of the student-athletes in the total of 16 different varsity teams. Most teams compete in Division II and participate in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. That is the conference where Raf’s team also participates and where they have already won a total of 5 titles. The most recent of those 5 was last year! What’s next Raf ?!

Below you can see a photo of Raf with one of his teammates. In any case, you don’t have to wonder if these guys train hard enough there in the USA. Let’s go!!

Raf Hendriks & team mate
Blizzard T. Husky – St. Cloud State University

The successes of the Huskies are of course due to the good athletes, the beautiful facilities and the great coaches. But mascot Blizzard T. Husky of course also has a share in this. And just like in every University Spotlight, we don’t want to keep it from you. You spot the mascot in the photo on the right. And um, did you know that Blizzard T. Husky has different outfits ?! He adapts it to the team he is going to encourage. Well that’s a mascot!

Of course T. Husky does not do all the encouragement alone, because there are also cheerleaders active for the university and the university has its own fight song. You can see the lyrics of that song below. Sounds familiar Raf?

Oh, here we are, the gang and all,
To cheer our team to victory.
St. Cloud State U. has heard the call,
We’re here to show our loyalty, Rah! Rah!
Come on, let’s fight, let’s win this game,
And show our colors, black and red.
We’ll sing our song, both loud and strong,
To victory, St. Cloud S. U.

Want to find out more about the huskies? Check out their athletic page!


You would almost forget, but a student-athlete should also study! Raf is studying Management, but many more studies are offered at St. Cloud State. More than 200 in total! Are you curious about which studies these are? Then check this list of courses.

Once you have that piece of paper in, you are richer in a world experience. And don’t forget: during graduation day you will look as great as the students below. Bucket list thingy, right ?!

Graduation Day – St. Cloud State University

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