It’s time for a University Spotlight again. This week the University of Idaho will be discussed. Slamstox athlete Mika Brouwer has been based here since last summer. Highly motivated, Mika moved to Idaho, located in Moscow. Not to be confused with the Russian Moscow, of course.

Mika Brouwer is ready to go

Athletics wasn’t the only passion of Mika. He combined athletics with football at a young age. Once it became obvious he had more talent for athletics, he started to focus on that –especially on sprinting. In 2020 Mika achieved his best result by getting into the top 10 of the 100 meter sprint in the National Championships U-20. The 100 meter sprint suits Mika very well, so you can probably guess who Mika’s sports hero is. Indeed: Usain Bolt.

Mika is an athlete with a clear vision. In America, he wants to develop himself into an athlete who will be able to compete against the best Dutch athletes. His goal is to get a medal at the in- and outdoor National Championships. We definitely see this happening, looking at the skilled trainers from Idaho University and Mika’s strong motivation.

Mika Brouwers reason to choose for the University of Idaho.

“I chose the University of Idaho because the great connection with the coach, the team and the great academic Business program.”

Want to know more about the university that Mika is enrolled in? Then read on!


The University of Idaho (officially abbreviated U or I), is the oldest public university of the state of Idaho. This university was founded in 1889 and has more than 10,000 students enrolled. First-year students, who are younger than 21 years, live together on campus. As you can imagine, this is super exciting! The University of Idaho believes that, creating a warm and friendly environment, will have a positive impact on both school and sport performances. As first-year students live together now, this will positively influence their grades.

New University of Idaho gateway at Stadium Drive

The University of Idaho is beautifully situated between beautiful nature reserves. The National Geografic has even written an article about this. Only a few minutes away from this beautiful area, you can find a city, called: Moscow. Moscow is known for being a “trendy little city”. According to Men’s Journal it is even one of the five best towns to live for students. The town is surrounded by beautiful museums, cinemas and tasty restaurants.

“Hello Walk” is a class of his own. This is a hidden footpath, somewhere on campus. This footpath is not only surrounded by beautiful forests and grass, but also by beautiful statues, buildings and places to sit.

Besides of the beautiful surroundings, also the sports facilities are outstanding. The University of Idaho is renovating on a big scale. For example, they have created wonderful basketball and American Football stadiums.

The ICCU Arena is a wonderful place to cheer on the university’s basketball team. There is room for 4200 people. Knowing the city only has 23. 800 people, this is very huge.

ICCU Arena

On top of that, there is a magnificent sports center for both American Football and soccer players. This center is called the: “Dome” and offers space for over 7000 people (!). The multifunctional center is not only used for sports, but also as a community place, enabling people to visit music concerts. This means the facilities are of great importance for the whole community.

The “Dome”

To conclude, there are also beautiful golf, tennis, athletics and swimming facilities. The University of Idaho even has its own 18 hole golf course. This is pretty special for an American university.


The student-athletes attending this university, are the so-called: “Vandals”. In college, male students can practice 5 sports. These are: basketball, American Football, golf, tennis and athletics. For women, there are 7 sports to be practiced: basketball, golf, tennis, athletics, soccer, swimming and volleyball.

All these sports are a great success at the University of Idaho. For both men and women, the level of the sports is extremely high. The men’s basketball players performs very well at the top stage. Also the soccer team shows great performances. Of course, we cannot forget about the American Football players. They won with a stunning 64-0 in the opening match of the season. All these achievements are due to the great facilities the University of Idaho is offering.


Not to forget, studying is also of great importance to the Vandals. This is also the case for Mika, who is currently studying for his Bachelor’s Degree. The University of Idaho offers more than 300 different courses, meaning there are plenty courses to choose from.

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