Golf is an incredibly popular sport in America and it’s no wonder that the country boasts more than 17,000 golf courses. It is also the stage for many prestigious tournaments held annually on famous golf courses. Some of the most renowned golf courses, such as Augusta National, home to the Masters, attract thousands of enthusiastic fans every year. It is no surprise that many top golfers choose to train and play in America. Half of the top 100 best golfers have played college golf, giving them the opportunity to improve themselves with the best guidance and play on the most beautiful courses you can imagine. It’s an experience that distinguishes itself from what we know in the Netherlands.

But why is college golf the perfect step in your sports career? There are many reasons why you shouldn’t miss this experience. Curious? Then keep reading!

The facilities and professionalism

If you are looking for a professional and top-notch golf experience, then college golf in America is the perfect choice for you. Just like college swimming, college golf offers players the opportunity to train and play under professional guidance while enjoying the best facilities. With over 1300 universities offering golf, there is a wide selection of choices available depending on the level (Division I, II, III, but also NAIA and NJCAA) and location of the university.

The golf courses in America are of unparalleled quality, and many top players on the PGA Tour have graduated from American universities, thanks in part to the opportunity to train and play matches during their studies. A good example of this is Arizona State University, where both the men’s and women’s teams are ranked in the top 10 of NCAA Division 1. PGA Tour players Phil Mickelson and John Rahm both played here during their college years.

In fact, the facilities at Arizona State University were designed with the help of Phil Mickelson and are among the best in the country. On the range, they have various targets to hone the distances of their shots, and there is a large pitching area with multiple greens and hole locations where they can prepare for every type of shot.

Players can also relax and study in the team house called “The Bird,” which also features a hitting/putting area with two TrackMan systems and a SAM PuttLab. If you want to learn more about these fantastic facilities and the golf teams of Arizona State University, you can check out the virtual tour of “The Bird” here.

The perfect start for your professional career.

It is interesting to hear that college golf in America provides such a professional and supportive environment for student-athletes. It sounds like a great opportunity to develop your golf skills while also having the chance to continue growing academically.

In the Netherlands, it can be difficult to balance studying and sports, especially when it comes to a sport like golf. This is mainly due to the fact that everything is organized very differently in the Netherlands compared to college sports in America, where college sports teams are often a significant part of the university community.

The guidance offered by a college golf team is also highly professional. You have access to different coaches whose task is to guide you to improve on the golf course. In addition, you have the opportunity to use physiotherapists, dieticians, sports psychologists, and an academic advisor, all intended to ensure that you can perform both on the golf course and in the classroom. You will also spend much more time on strength training, focusing on specific exercises for your mobility and strength. In America, you get the opportunity to take your sport seriously while still continuing your studies. In the Netherlands, it can be difficult to combine studies and golf. Schools do not take your golf training schedule into account. In America, it is different since you play golf for the university. You get a “student-athlete” status. The school is proud of the athletes and wants to ensure that they perform well. School and sports go hand in hand, and your class schedule is adjusted to your training schedule. This allows you to obtain a diploma and focus on your golf ambitions.


That’s absolutely true. Being part of a college golf team also means being part of a tight-knit community. You compete and strive for every match together as a team, and hold each other accountable and push each other to train harder. The team bond ensures that you don’t only focus on your own performance, but also on your teammates’ success. You learn how to work collaboratively and represent your school with pride at every golf tournament. Moreover, you also forge lifelong friendships. You spend every day with your teammates – studying, training, eating, and traveling throughout America. It’s a strong bond that you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

The professional guidance, facilities, and team spirit are highly characteristic of American college golf. It’s the perfect way to ensure that you get the most out of yourself in both academics and athletics.

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