As a student-athlete you always want to prepare yourself for game day as best as you can. Athletes who combine sports and studies in the United States, get access to the best facilities to get themselves ready for their match. Preparation is key. You have to eat and sleep well and some athletes have their own pre-game rituals. One of these preparations is listening to music. You can get the adrenaline flowing and get all pumped up! You see a lot of athletes wearing headphones before the game, to concentrate and get in the zone. 

Below you can find a few playlists, to start your perfect game day ritual!

Pre-Game Playlists

Everybody likes a different genre. With game day, the most common one is Hiphop/Rap. The lyrics are motivating and have a great beat. Deze playlist is hier perfect voor. Wanneer je de kleedkamer uitloopt, ben je helemaal hyped om de tegenstander in te maken!

From what type of music do you get that adrenaline rush? If you like Electronic Dance music, this playlist might be just for you. These songs give you a lot of energy, which you can us in the game!

We also have a playlist for the Pop lovers! This playlist has a few ‘oldies’ to go nuts to with your teammates. This will ensure a great vibe in the locker room! Time to sing along!

The music often plays from a big speaker in the locker room, so the whole team can enjoy it. It can be pretty difficult to select songs that everyone likes, because everybody has a different tast in music. The playlist below has something for everybody!

The next list is not for everybody, but it can be a real life saver. Some athletes get nervous before a game and need to calm down instead of hyped up. You can’t listen to a playlist that is full of adrenaline. This playlist might be something for you if you want to calm and get focussed.

It would be strange if we would not talk about college here at Slamstox. Game day is not only the players favourite day, but it is also a big party for the university’s fans. There will be BBQ’s cheerleaders, fans and of course, Music! A Louisiana State University fan made the real LSU Tigers Game Day playlist. Take a look at that!

Motivational Speeches

Sometimes, music is just not for you. Maybe you can get hyped from a motivational speech then. But still, not every motivational speech speaks to you. The words need to connect with you and motivate you. If you think you found a speech, listen to every single word the person is saying to let the message come across. Below you can find one of our favourite speeches. Time to get hyped!

With a motivational speech, some lines get repeated several times. This quote will stick. You can repeat it in your thoughts, before the first whistle of the game blows. This quote can help you focus and motivate you. The speech “Make It Count” is a perfect example of that. 

After you have read this article, you should be able to put together your own pre-game ritual. This way, you can bring out the best in yourself on game day. Slamstox likes to see that! We enjoy helping student-athletes to make the most out of their time in the US. Do you want to do that too? Get in contact with us and we will look at your possibilities.