Many schools have their own colors, fight songs or their own mascot. But if a university really wants to distinguish itself from other schools, then they definitely need a unique ‘hand sign’. Fans and supporters of the sports teams make a gesture with their hand that is typical of their university to encourage their sports teams and impress their opponents.

It all started at the universities in the southern part of the US. The tradition of making a typical gesture that belongs to the university or the athletes grew into a well-known phenomenon there.

The first hand sign came from the Texas A&M Aggies. During a match against the Horned Frogs, the audience shouted: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO THOSE HORNED FROGS? After which they shouted: GIG ‘EM AGGIES! And raised their thumbs.

There are a number of schools with a unique sign. Have you ever spotted these on TV or on social media?

University of Miami
The ‘U’ is the University of Miami ‘hand sign’. The gesture was introduced during a home game against their big rival Florida State. With this hand gesture, the fans do not only imitate the logo of the university, the U also has an underlying idea and stands for ‘U gotta believe’ and ‘U is great’.

University of Texas
The University of Texas uses this gesture where the little finger and index finger form two horns to support their team of the Horns. This often goes hand in hand with shouting ‘’HOOK EM HORNS’. This hand sign was created when Harley Clarck made this gesture during the yell in 1955. It is a very famous hand sign and you can even find it as an emoji on your phone!

University of Oregon

The ‘O’ is a gesture used by fans of the University of Oregon to encourage the Oregon Ducks. The ‘O’ was created, because one of the musicians from the band in the stadium made this sign to indicate which song was going to be played. When quarterback Joey Harrington was on the front cover of the newspaper while making this gesture, it was obtained by all students and quickly became the new hand sign.

Texas tech University

Guns up, that’s the hand sign of Texas Tech University. The gesture where two hands are aiming in the air like pistols is not only used as a greeting. It’s also a sign of victory during sports competitions. Not so hard to guess: The idea is that the Red Raiders figuratively shoot the opponent.

University of Houston
The story behind this ‘hand sign’ is not what you would think of at first. Its origins date back to 1953. One of the college athletes lost a toe when he was caught in a door. Yes I can hear you think, iehhh! Fans of the rival University of Texas teased the cougars by making this gesture. The fans of the University of Houston adopted the gesture and see it as a sign to show their pride.

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