Basketball has a rich history in the States, with the NBA being the most important professional competition. Basketball stars like Michael Jordan (University of North Carolina), Steph Curry (Davidson College), and Kevin Durant (University of Texas) played college basketball before they entered the NBA.

March Madness

March Madness is one of the best viewed sporting events in the United States. It attracts millions of viewers and fans from all over the world. Just like we fill out a bracket in the Netherlands for the World Cup Soccer, they will fill out brackets to predict March Madness in the States.

The March Madness basketball tournament is a yearly college basketball tournament in the United States. It is a knock-out tournament that takes place in March and April, where the top 64 teams in the NCAA Division I-conferences fight for the title of National Champion.

The tournament has 64 teams that are placed in four regional brackets. The first round is called the Round of 64, and the winners of this round place themselves for the Round of 32. The next round is called the Sweet Sixteen, where the last 16 teams compete against each other. The games are all played in one weekend that leads to the Elite Eight. Those games decide who will compete in the Final Four.

The Final Four is the last stage of the tournament which is played at a neutral venue. The winner of the semi final will place themselves in the final where they play for the title of National Champion, which is usually played on the first Monday in April.

This year the schedule for the Men’s and Women’s March Madness is announced on Sunday, March 12th. Entering this years’ March Madness as favorites for Men’s basketball this year is the University of Houston, and for Women’s basketball it is the University of South Carolina. In the States you have certain schools called “Power Houses”, these are schools that are among the favorites every year. Some of the biggest schools are Duke University, the University of North Carolina, the University of Kentucky and the University of Kansas.

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